Stackscale offers a hybrid solution between the traditional environment, robust and secure, and Public Cloud services, functional, flexible and scalable.

This unique approach leverages the main advantages of the Cloud paradigm. While at the same time reducing concerns regarding security and location of information. As well as drawbacks associated with the sharing of resources and equipment, such as the effect of noisy neighbours.

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The following table compares the main features offered by Dedicated Hosting, Public Cloud and the hybrid solution of Stackscale.

Dedicated Hosting Public Cloud Stackscale

High availability

For the purposes of this comparison, an environment is considered highly available when it tolerates the failure of any of its components without human intervention. Traditional environments lack compute nodes that are redundant, and in most cases access switches will not be redundant.

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Predictable performance without noisy neighbors

Almost all platforms share equipment at some point in the infrastructure. Even if only in the layer 3 routing. Most problems however occur when resources such as CPU, RAM and storage are being shared. Of these, Stackscale only shares storage, but it does so in dedicated volumes in highly oversized systems. That not only offer far superior performance to commonly available Dedicated Hosting solutions, but is also guaranteed, and therefore predictable.

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Advantages of virtualization

Virtualized platforms manage computing resources and storage very efficiently. The Public Cloud providers use these advantages in their business model to allow relatively minor investments and having lower operating costs. In Stackscale’s hybrid approach, the client also enjoys these advantages. The client has total control over the oversubscription of CPU and memory. And since the stored data will be compressed in real time and only the amount of compressed data is used to determine the amount of storage used. (for example, a machine recently installed with 1TB virtual disk, can perfectly be counted as less than 1GB of space used)

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Easy migration to other providers

Other benefits of virtualization is the simple migration between providers that are based on standards. And these standards do not impose restrictions to their customers, as it is the case with Stackscale. Some public Cloud providers have the same policy.

no partial yes

Detailed knowledge of the infrastructure

Stackscale, like most of the providers of dedicated Hosting, provides detailed information about the technical infrastructure used and its physical location.

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Guaranteed durability of information

Like Public Cloud providers do, Stackscale stores the data of its customers in centralized cabinets. This allows backups and replicas between independent systems transparent to the customer, a service that is always included with Stackscale.

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“Bare-metal” prices

In general, Public Cloud providers have been applying profit margins much higher than those applied in Dedicated Hosting, based on the technological innovation necessary to provide their services. These margins, which determine the price of Public Cloud services, have been progressively decreased in recent years as the technology matured and the competition proliferated, but they are still far from reaching the margins usual in Dedicated Hosting. The Stackscale model is however based on Dedicated Hosting with personalized customer support and quality service.

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Isolated environments

The level of separation and privacy in Stackscale environments is certainly far superior to the one offered by Public Cloud providers, thanks to the use of private computing nodes, private networking and private storage volumes. It is similar to a Dedicated Hosting environment, the advantage is not so obvious and would depend on many factors that vary from supplier to supplier.

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Flexibility and scalability

The Stackscale solution is designed to be as flexible and functional as Public Cloud, approaching its scalability, which is only limited by its low granularity, marked by the size of the smallest physical compute node.

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