Managed Services

Managed services include the deployment of the environment up to the application level, outsourced administration and 24 x 7 monitoring, adapted to the needs of each project.

Managed environments allow customers to completely ignore the technical side to concentrate on the business. Stackscale can support any project through its systems management services and infrastructure partners to deploy high availability and the latest technologies.

Managed Services

Stackscale provides fully managed environments in those cases in which the client wants to partially outsource its technology department. Depending on the type of project, this service is provided with the collaboration of partners specialized in the desired software technologies. Examples of managed services include:

  • E-Commerce platforms that require to be always available and resized according to the traffic received.
  • Web sites with high traffic that deliver hundreds or even thousands of pages per second.
  • BigData environments which process large amounts of information.

A project managed by Stackscale normally includes the following services:

  • If applicable, choice of software technologies to be implemented in close cooperation with the customers and/or developing a migration plan.
  • Design of virtual and physical architecture based on the technologies and requirements of performance, capacity, redundancy and fault tolerance, contemplating the starting point and the procedures to resize the environment based on the demand. Preparation of contingency plans.
  • Deployment of the virtual environment, installation, securing (hardening) and configuration of all operating systems, services and applications, whether they be open source, commercial and/or provided by the customer.
  • Implementation of the migration plan, where appropriate.
  • Management and ongoing maintenance of all the deployed systems.
  • 24 x 7 monitoring of all services provided by the platform with immediate intervention before any anomaly detection.
  • Elaboration of proposals for technological renovation and redesign of the architecture when the system administration team sees fit in order to improve the safety, efficiency, performance or functionality of the platform.
  • Optionally, management of RIPE and IP resource management membership.

Stackscale worries that environments managed services are available and fully operational 24 hours a day, every day of the year

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