Artificial Intelligence market 2022 and accelerated computing

26/05/2022 – Madrid

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) market growth is remarkable. Nowadays, companies can more easily access the necessary storage and processing capabilities to run AI workloads, as Stackscale’s co-founder and VP Sales, David Carrero Fernández-Baillo, explains. Worldwide figures reflect this growth: the Artificial Intelligence market is expected to reach €403 billion in 2022, and to exceed €512 billion by 2024, according to IDC’s data.

Artificial Intelligence is a discipline that has existed since the 50s. However, during its first decades of existence, it was held back by lack of computational power and storage capacity. This is no longer the case. The adoption of AI has grown unstoppably during the last decades, due to the improvements achieved in terms of costs, training times and computing capabilities.

Advancements in computing infrastructure play an important role in the adoption of AI. The improvement of computational and storage capabilities, and the use of GPUs have helped boost Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning workloads. On this matter, cloud computing and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) have also had a significant impact on the development of AI.

“IaaS and cloud solutions offer an affordable and scalable way for companies of all sizes to develop Artificial Intelligence products and services. Companies now have access to a wide variety of providers that offer the necessary computational power for their AI workloads, through GPU cloud or bare-metal servers, without big capital investments.”, David Carrero explains.

Moreover, according to the Artificial Intelligence Index Report 2022 of Stanford University, since 2018 AI has become more affordable and optimized. For instance, the cost to train an image classification system has decreased by 63.6% and training times have improved by 94.4%. This evolution favors the commercial adoption of Artificial Intelligence technologies.

By outsourcing the infrastructure, organizations can considerably increase performance, as well as scale AI-based services and products much more efficiently. Furthermore, according to Stackscale, GPU cloud solutions featuring a parallel computing architecture significantly accelerate computing and improve performance. For instance, NVIDIA’s Tesla T4 GPU can provide low-latency performance up to 40 times faster than CPUs.

There is no doubt that the number of AI products and services will continue to increase. Artificial Intelligence enables innovation and improved customer experiences, thus improving competitiveness and boosting growth. That is why, as it becomes more and more present in our daily lives, AI ethics and AI regulations are also becoming increasingly important.

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Artificial Intelligence market 2022 and accelerated computing