Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is focused on three main aspects:
  • Work-family life balance.
  • Sustainability and energy efficiency.
  • Transparency.
Work life balance at Stackscale


We host our infrastructure in data centers which are deeply committed to increase their power-efficiency metrics and to reduce their environmental footprint. The data centers where we have infrastructure are always working on increasing the use of renewable energy over other sources of energy. Besides, they are constantly looking for innovative solutions that allow them to reduce their PUE ratio. In addition, they are certified by international standards environmental management systems and energy management.

Besides, we choose our hardware and technologies with efficiency in mind, in order to provide more efficient and sustainable technological solutions.


Work-life balance

We believe people must be at the center. Therefore, work-family life balance is an essential aspect for us. That is why we offer working hours adapted to each position. Moreover, remote work, whenever possible, also allows us to recruit talent from anywhere, contributing to equal opportunity.

Sustainability and renewable energies


Transparency is always key; especially when customers trust us to host their mission-critical applications. That is why we fully disclose the technical details of our solutions and we provide direct access to specialized technical support. Our customers know all relevant details about their infrastructure, which enables them to know the performance they can expect from their IT environment, the redundancy mechanisms and other hardware, data centers and network details.

Moreover, our price structure and billing policy allows our customers to know their infrastructure costs beforehand. This enables them to control their cloud environment costs without the need for complex calculations or formulas and without surprises at the end of the month.

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