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Rocky Linux distribution

Rocky Linux, an alternative to CentOS Linux

Rocky Linux is one of the Linux distributions that have appeared after the announcement of the replacement of CentOS Linux by CentOS Stream. It aims to continue the community-supported distribution compatible with RHEL, after the discontinuation of CentOS 8 by December 2021. Foundation and goals Gregory Kurtzer — founder of CentOS, together with Rocky McGaugh

One minute on the Internet 2021

What happens on the Internet in one minute?

A lot of data and actions fit in a minute on the Internet. This huge worldwide network has become an indispensable element in the daily lives of many people around the world. We use it for learning, looking for information, finding directions, shopping and much more. To sum up, we have gradually integrated the Internet

DE CIX Internet Exchange

DE-CIX: one of the largest Internet Exchanges worldwide

DE-CIX (Deutscher Commercial Internet Exchange) is one of the Internet Exchange Points that carries more traffic worldwide. Currently, it operates neutral interconnection platforms in Europe, the Middle East, North America and Asia. Stackscale is connected to DE-CIX with a clear objective: improving our connection routes to all the providers that exchange traffic there. In addition

Benefits of cloud computing for eCommerce

How eCommerce sites benefit from cloud computing

eCommerce sites benefit from cloud computing to keep boosting their growth. Year after year, the eCommerce industry has not stopped growing worldwide. In 2022, the online shopping revenue is estimated to surpass 5 billion Euros globally. There are numerous reasons why more and more consumers opt for buying online: from simple convenience to decide where

Password security best practices to keep passwords safe in 2022

Security best practices to keep passwords safe in 2022

Keeping passwords safe is really important. It is indeed especially critical considering the increasing number of cyberattacks worldwide. We have passwords for many of our daily activities — social media, emails, bank accounts, etc. Therefore, using strong passwords must not be an option, as it is the simplest way to protect our devices and information.

Searching files in Linux from the command line

Searching files in Linux with the find command

Searching files in Linux from the command line is easy using the find command. This Linux command uses a simple conditional mechanism to filter objects. Let’s see how to use the find command in Linux to locate a file from the command line. Linux find command The find command is used to locate files in

eCommerce statistics and growth 2022

eCommerce statistics and growth (2022)

eCommerce has experienced continued growth during the last decade. In this article we have collected some eCommerce statistics in 2022 and over the last decade showing how its adoption has increased over the years. Global eCommerce market growth About 85% of worldwide consumers did some online purchase in 2020, according to data from Statista. These

Guía definitiva sobre cloud computing 2022

Cloud computing: the definitive guide (2022)

Cloud computing is more than a trend nowadays. It has become part of our daily lives, both among businesses and individuals. This guide about cloud computing aims to cover the most important aspects of this IT services distribution model. As well as some trends that are closely related to its evolution. Chapter 1: What is

Top browsers 2022

Top browsers: features, comparison and stats (2022)

Which are the top browsers in 2022? Nowadays, there are many browsers among which Internet users can choose to navigate. In this article we have collected the current top browsers, together with a comparison of their main features and tools. Besides, we go over some key statistics about the usage of web browsers worldwide and

Popular Linux distributions

27 popular Linux distributions

In the following list, we have gathered some of the most popular Linux distributions and some growing distros too. GNU/Linux operating systems are Unix-like and open source, and based on the Linux kernel. Among the long list of Linux distributions, there are a number of distros that clearly stand out among the others — in


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