OpenStack Cloud

An OpenStack Private Cloud adapted to the most demanding workloads.

  • Predictable performance, free of noisy neighbors.
  • Greater control over the cloud environment and costs.
  • Multi-100 G CORE network.
  • Cutting-edge data centers in the European Union.
  • 24/7 technical support and monitoring.

OpenStack Private Cloud

Stackscale’s Private Cloud based on OpenStack is easily managed through Soax, a Service Orchestrator Administrator powered by a powerful automation engine. Soax enables the provisioning, control and monitoring of all the elements within a virtual data center, with a functional and intuitive interface.
Design and deploy an OpenStack architecture adapted to your business needs in Stackscale’s cloud. A hosted OpenStack private cloud solution offers predictable performance, scalability and greater control over the environment at a competitive price.

OpenStack Cloud features

Companies can leverage numerous features and benefits by deploying OpenStack Cloud with Stackscale.

Customization icon

Made to measure infrastructure

OpenStack deployments on private cloud infrastructure adapted to business requirements.

Scalability icon

Flexibility and scalability

Flexibility and scalability
to set up a wide range of resources.
High Availability icon

Up to 99.99% Availability

Up to 99.99% availability depending on the OpenStack architecture designed for each project.
Datacenter icon

Datacenters network in Europe

A network of data centers in diverse geographical locations for greater resilience and availability.

High performance icon

High performance

High performance at all times.

Easy to use icon

Easy management

Easy provision, management and monitoring.
Support icon

Specialized support

Direct access to 24/7 specialized technical support.

Hybrid and multi cloud icon

Multicloud orchestration

Multi-cloud orchestration for OpenStack, AWS and Azure.

OpenStack is a free, open source cloud computing platform that can be deployed both in public and private clouds. It allows controlling large pools of compute, storage and network resources throughout a data center. Users can manage it through command-line tools, RESTful web services or web-based dashboards like Soax.

OpenStack can also be deployed on bare-metal servers and GPU servers. Its modular architecture is composed of diverse projects — Nova for computing, Neutron for networking, Ironic for bare metal, and so on.

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