Private Cloud solutions.

Predictable performance, free of noisy neighbors.

How can Stackscale help my business grow?

  • Benefit from direct access to specialized technical support.
  • Adapt your infrastructure to your needs, with no huge capital investment or maintenance expenses.
  • Forget about dealing with noisy neighbors. Keep the most important resources exclusive to your company.
  • Focus on your core business; scale when you need it.

Who is Stackscale for?

  • All kinds of IT integrators: web/app hosters, eCommerce solutions, managed services, social networks, Big Data, VoIP providers…
  • IaaS, PaaS and SaaS providers, both Private and Public.
  • Medium and large consumers of computing, storage and network resources.

Let’s start growing together!

Our expertise, your Private Cloud.

Stackscale’s Private Cloud is a hybrid solution between the traditional environment — robust and secure —, and Public Cloud services — functional, flexible and scalable.

In combination with our oversized network, our state-of-the-art data centers in Europe and our 24/7 specialized technical support team, our Private Cloud environments offer great performance, availability and security.

Improve efficiency, save resources, scale easily.

Tell us about the specific needs of your company and we will send you a quick quote, with our pricing list to let you calculate the total costs of your project.

We can consolidate two full racks housing networking gear and servers in just two nodes using network storage, reducing power usage by up to 95%.

Our customers’ experience…