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Stackscale offers a hybrid solution between the traditional environment —robust and secure—, and Public Cloud services —functional, flexible and scalable—.

To quickly determine if Stackscale is suitable for your project. Let us review our minimum architecture: a gifted 128GB of RAM environment where you can deploy tens of virtual machines. All its elements are redundant and fault tolerant: network, storage and computing, with a latency of access to disk array of less than 1 ms and 20 Gbps network access data.

Stackscale targets medium and large consumers of computing, storage and network resources. And all kinds of IT integrators: web/app hosters, eCommerce solutions, managed services, social networks, Big Data and VoIP providers, and virtually any IaaS, PaaS and SaaS provider, both Private and Public.

Stackscale is a Private Cloud and infrastructure provider. In our services the most important resources are of exclusive use of the customer and thus they are highly protected against any activities performed by neighboring customers. Both in security and performance guarantee terms.

Virtualization enables the use of computing and storage equipment more efficiently, resulting in significant economic savings. However, these savings are normally kept by Public Cloud providers. At Stackscale we aim to bring all the advantages of virtualization to our customers; by giving them full control over CPU oversubscription, storage thin provisioning and inline compression. That, combined with reasonable financial margins, allows us to offer highly competitive prices within the market. Most of our customers achieve savings from 40% to 80%.

Stackscale can consolidate two full racks housing networking gear and servers in just two nodes using network storage, reducing power usage by up to 95%.

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