About Stackscale

We provide secure, performant, reliable and cost-efficient cloud solutions to businesses.

We are an IaaS and Private Cloud provider. In our bare-metal and cloud infrastructure solutions, the most important resources are exclusively allocated to your project. This way, your business benefits from maximum security, privacy and performance levels.

The benefits of virtualization with the guarantees of a dedicated hardware

Stackscale was born in 2012 in Amsterdam with the objective of offering a new hosting solution, adapted to the latest trends and technologies; together with specialized technical support. For doing so, we replicated the aspects that had worked out in the past and anticipated the problems and bottlenecks that may arise.

We opted for a worldwide approach, automation, high-end niche specialization and the latest state-of-the-art technologies. As a result, our IaaS offering combines the best of the traditional computing world with the most innovative principles of the Cloud era, delivered at a fair price.

We started commercial activity in 2013, at the same time we launched Stackscale in Spain. Nowadays we have 3 data centers in Madrid and 2 data centers in Amsterdam, numerous private peering agreements and we are present in several Internet Exchange Points (IXP). Moreover, since 2022, Stackscale is part of Grupo Aire: a group of companies specialized in connectivity, VoIP, Mobile Enabler, UcaaS and Cloud solutions.

Companies and brands part of Grupo Aire

IaaS and cloud specialized team

One of the key aspects of our IaaS and Private Cloud solutions is our team. Stackscale’s team works closely with our customers and partners to guarantee that everything works smoothly — 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Our specialized team works hard to offer the best quality service to our customers; so that we can grow together. We take care of every detail so that our customers can rely on always-available platforms, and reliable, durable and secure data storage.

Quality, transparency and efficiency

At Stackscale, we believe companies must know the level of performance they can expect from their IT environment at any time. As well as the potential risks and redundancy mechanisms they rely on during adverse situations. That is why we fully disclose the technical details of our solutions. Our customers know all the relevant details about the infrastructure where their mission-critical applications are running on.

Moreover, we use virtualization standards and open systems to make the migration process easier for our customers, as well as to avoid vendor lock-in.

Last but not least, we know that efficiency is essential. Therefore, we rely on highly efficient data centers and carefully selected technologies in order to create more efficient and sustainable technological solutions.

A dedicated cloud for medium and large consumers of computing, storage and network resources

Stackscale’s Private Cloud and bare-metal infrastructure are targeted to IaaS, PaaS and SaaS providers, both private and public, and all kinds of IT integrators (for instance: web hosting, managed services or VoIP providers).

In other words, medium and large consumers of computing, storage and network resources that need completely fault-tolerant mission-critical environments.

Consolidated experience in the Internet hosting sector

Our passion for technology and innovation comes from way back. Between 1998 and 2000, Stackscale’s founders — David Carrero, David Sánchez and Javier Primo — built two hosting companies in Spain, Ferca Network and Veloxia Network, which merged in 2004 to become one of the leading national groups.

In 2008, the Ferca-Veloxia group had over 15.000 clients and 1.200 servers distributed in 4 data centers; being among the top 5 hosting groups by number of hosted sites and revenue. At that point the group merged with Acens Technologies, one of the two national leaders — now part of Grupo Telefónica.

So, Stackscale is the result of years of experience in the Internet industry and endless curiosity. By combining virtualization advantages with dedicated hardware’s guarantees, we aim to provide the best cost/features/quality ratio.


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Our data centers

We are present in best-of-breed, neutral data centers in Madrid and Amsterdam.

Case studies

We put our expertise and the best technologies at our customer service to build success together.

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