Infrastructure for Disaster Recovery

A remote, independent infrastructure for restoring your backups and replicas during a hardware failure, cyberattack or any other emergency.
  • A cold spare separated from your main infrastructure for a successful cloud-based disaster recovery plan.
  • Designed for Disaster Recovery purposes.
  • Improved RTO at a competitive price.
  • Adapted to your business’ Disaster Recovery strategy.
  • From €195,00/month.
Cloud-based DR
24/7 technical support

How does Stackscale’s Infrastructure for Disaster Recovery work?

Reserve the infrastructure you might need for recovering your applications and systems in case of an emergency or disaster.
Turn your cold spare on for periodical DR testing and emergencies for which you require to activate your Disaster Recovery plan.
In the meanwhile, turn it off and enjoy the peace of mind of having an infrastructure available for Disaster Recovery in a remote location.
Our infrastructure reserved for Disaster Recovery allows companies to improve their RTO, restoring their operations in the shortest time possible.

A cold spare to keep your business running in the event of a disaster

By having a cold spare ready, companies do not need to worry about stocks nor contact their ISP for a node to recover their mission-critical applications as soon as possible. As they can quickly failover to the infrastructure reserved for DR whenever an emergency takes place. In addition, customers can further improve both their RPO and RTO by leveraging our automatically geo-replicated network storage copies (snapshots).

Business continuity

  • A stable and competitive solution for Disaster Recovery.
  • Customized to meet your business needs and goals.
  • Cost-efficient, cloud-based Disaster Recovery.

Specialized technical support

We provide direct access to 24/7 specialized technical support via email and phone to all our customers, in English and Spanish.

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