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Discover some of our IaaS and Private Cloud case studies.

“The change to Stackscale involved leaving the colocation model and I am very satisfied with the result: we no longer have to worry about hardware, we have total flexibility, we can scale up at any time and in addition our costs are significantly lower.”

Luis Mendaña, CEO of Miarroba
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“Above all, what we want is a powerful service and a support team that answers to our needs as quickly as possible. [...] Because of our philosophy, we like to keep a certain control over the technical part, since it is key after all, and that, we have it with Stackscale.”

Óscar Miguel, co-founder of Diariomotor
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“We are delighted to work with a provider that speaks our ‘language’, both at a technical and administrative level, and that clearly acts more like a partner than a provider. Their transparency and honesty build the trust we need so that Stackscale provides the basic technical infrastructure on which we deploy our technology.”

José Castro, CTO of Flossystems
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“If there is something that I particularly like about Stackscale is that their support team acts as an extension of ours, worrying about the needs and problems of our customers as if they were their own. The alliance with Stackscale is highly profitable for us.”

Guillermo García, CEO of Onestic
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“With Stackscale we have looked for an infrastructure and private cloud hosting solution that provides us with a constant 24 hours a day, 7 days a week service, and that allows us to properly adapt our infrastructure to the different challenges we face.”

Marcel Beyer, CEO of iAhorro
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“Stackscale has helped us migrating our traditional infrastructure based on dedicated servers to a Private Cloud environment. This has allowed us to move to a high availability environment. Their expertise and advice during this process has made the difference against other alternatives.”

Albert García, CTO of Uvinum
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