Case Studies

Discover some of the projects we are especially proud of, together with some testimonials from our customers.

Diariomotor is an engine-related digital magazine founded in 2005 and specialized in news about automobile testing and Formula 1; as well as opinion pieces. They are leaders in their market niche on the Internet.

“In 2018, Diariomotor has become the engine-related media with the largest audience in spain, thanks to a great effort and an exceptional team which is crazy about cars; as well as to having technology under control thanks to Stackscale.”

Oscar Miguel, cofounder

Uvinum is an online store, which has become the main European marketplace for selling wine, beers, alcoholic beverages and gourmet products. It commercializes more than 90.000 products in 14 countries and their pricing is very competitive thanks to their partners agreements with well-known wineries and distributors. Its platform exists as an App for Android and iOS as well. It allows users to talk directly with their personal advisors and to interact, building a big, useful social community around the platform.

«Stackscale has helped us migrating our traditional infrastructure based on dedicated servers to a Private Cloud environment. This has allowed us to move to a high availability environment. Their expertise and advice during this process has made the difference against other alternatives.”

Albert García, CTO is a leader financial comparison site in Spain, born in 2009 to help users with their personal financial management. With more than 10,000 analyzed products and a community of more than 10,000 active users, has become the first “omnichannel” step to take better financial decisions. It consists of a service that offers access to a fast and easy to use, online tool, which can also help with decision making when hiring or saving on recurring expenses.

“We were looking for a cloud solution that would guarantee us flexibility, performance and security, and we have found it in Stackscale. The stability and scalability of our applications is at last assured, with a team it is a pleasure to work with.”

Gonzalo Benito Alonso, CTO

Tutellus is the most relevant online collaborative learning platform in the world, operating in more than 160 countries with a community of more than 500,000 students and 50,000 video courses.

“Stackscale is the best technology partner you could have for a company like ours. They allowed us to test the product extensively before actually using it in production, supported us during the whole setup process, and now we know that they are always there, even when things are not going as expected.”

Javier Ortiz, CTO

Onestic was founded in 2007 with the goal of creating the best experiences of purchase for the digital environment; which they amply reached after 8 years being one of the most prestigious eCommerce consulting firms in Spain, as shown by its distinguished portfolio of customers.

“If there is something that I particularly like about Stackscale is that their support team acts as an extension of ours, worrying about the needs and problems of our customers as if they were their own. The alliance with Stackscale is highly profitable for us.”

Guillermo García, CEO

FLOSSystems (Free Libre Open Source Systems) is a technology company specializing in Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and highly scalable information systems. It was founded in Madrid by members from GSyC/LibreSoft —a research group in Free Software engineering of the Rey Juan Carlos University (Madrid, Spain), with extensive experience in systems management, design and deployment of advanced and demanding architectures—.

“We are happy to work with a provider who speaks our ‘language’, both technical and administrative, and that clearly acts more as a stakeholder/partner than as a supplier. Its transparency and sincerity give us the trust we need so that Stackscale forms the technical infrastructure base on which we deploy our technology.”

José Castro, CTO

Miarroba is a distinguished provider of services and utilities for webmasters since 2001. Miarroba’s 7 million unique users per month and 7.3 million registered webmasters make it a large consumer of computing resources.

“I’ve been working with the founders of Stackscale since Ferca-Veloxia times and I’ve always felt very supported during important moments, when the inevitable problems arise. The change to Stackscale involved leaving the colocation model using our own machines and I am very satisfied with the result: we no longer have to worry about hardware, we have total flexibility, we can scale up at any time and in addition our costs are significantly lower.”

Luis Mendaña, CEO

Medios y Redes is a company with more than 20 years of experience in blogging and a long list of digital media, which offers content strategy services to companies, blog networks, etc. Specialized in content management with WordPress, they trust Stackscle as their reference hosting provider.