Disaster Recovery and Backup solutions

Business continuity and disaster recovery solutions for protecting your company and data against a contingency or disaster.
  • Protect your data in our data centers in Amsterdam and Madrid. Guaranteed continuity for your critical applications by SLA.
  • Deploy DR and business continuity solutions easily in our technical infrastructure — either Private Cloud or Bare Metal.
  • Enjoy the peace of mind of relying on an Automatic Disaster Recovery solution.

Automatic geo-replication

Stackscale’s network storage — Flash Premium, Hybrid Plus and Hybrid — is fully geo-replicated by default; automatically replicated and hourly updated.

Disaster Recovery made easy

Benefit from a tailored Disaster Recovery solution, that meets your business’ needs. You define the objectives, we help you achieve them efficiently.

Besides our automatic solution based on snapshots at storage level, we apply a snapshot policy of one snapshot every 2 hours in our data centers where the physical volumes are located. This allows a really quick recovery inside the data center in the event of a failure.

RPO adapted to your business’ needs

“Point-in-time” recovery

Predictable and guaranteed recovery time

Automated backup solution

Minimize the impact of a downtime caused by a disaster — natural or caused by a human mistake — by getting mission-critical applications back to operation in the shorter time possible with an infrastructure reserved for Disaster Recovery.

Non-invasive to the current infrastructure

Low consumption of resources

Disaster Recovery for mission critical applications

Predictable monthly costs

Moreover, at infrastructure level, we maintain a spare node pool available for all our customers at no extra cost, so that they do not need to save a hot spare node within their cluster for HA.

In terms of efficiency, our modern backup architectures and controlled automation, among other features, lower the consumption of resources and guarantee a predictable monthly cost.

Network Storage’s basic backup schedule

Data durability guarantees are key in any project, that is why a full storage replica and basic backup schedule is not an option but included always by default (except for Archive, intended for backup purposes).

In the main system

  • One snapshot taken every hour (last one copy kept).
  • One snapshot taken every 2 hours (last 2 copies kept).
  • One snapshot taken every 6 hours (last one copy kept).

In the replica system

  • One snapshot taken every 6 hours (last 16 copies kept; 4 days).

In addition to our basic set up, the backup schedule can be customized to meet individual needs.

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