Disaster Recovery & Backup solutions

Business continuity solutions for protecting your data and your company.

Secure your data in our data centers located in Madrid and Amsterdam, as well as from other Data Centers to ours. Guaranteed continuity for your critical applications by SLA.

At Stackscale, we provide technical infrastructure mode “bare metal” or Private Cloud through which it is possible to deploy business continuity solutions (Disaster Recovery solutions) to adapt to all kinds of situations and casuistries.

We offer all kinds of Disaster Recovery (DR) solutions: from backups to Disaster Recovery plans, including data replication and any other option for companies which can’t stop their business nor lose data. We have our own technologies as well as other technologies that are leader in the market, such as Zerto.

Managed Disaster Recovery

Our replication and backup services will allow you to create and manage your own Disaster Recovery solution for an already existent virtualized infrastructure (VMware, Hyper-V, Xen, OpenStack, KVM, etc.).

Replication services adapt to the needs of every project and customer. So, online replication from your own Data Center is allowed almost synchronously; as a consequence, information losses in contingency cases are nearly zero. Discover our diverse solutions: Zerto Disaster Recovery, VMware Replication Disaster Recovery and other ad hoc solutions.

Some of the advantages of our Disaster Recovery solutions

  • 5 minutes RPO.
  • Non-invasive to the current infrastructure.
  • Predictable monthly costs.
  • Predictable and guaranteed recovery time.
  • Low consumption of resources.
  • Total control and visibility.
  • Controlled automatization.
  • DR for critical mission applications.
  • “Point-in-time” recovery.
  • Modern backup architecture.
  • End-to-end encryption.
  • Data centers in Madrid and Amsterdam.
  • Available for DR from other data centers.

Get to know our DR and business continuity solutions

Discover more about our Disaster Recovery and backup solutions deployed through our dedicated cloud infrastructures.