Managed services

Deployment of the environment up to the application level, outsourced system administration and 24/7 monitoring — adapted to the needs of each project.
  • Partial or full system administration, along with specialized partners.
  • Deployment of High Availability infrastructures and systems.
  • 24/7/365 system monitoring.
  • Direct access to specialized technical support.
  • Ideal for all kinds of projects requiring high availability and high performance.
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Specialized support

Managed services and system administration

Managed environments allow customers to completely forget about technical aspects and focus on the business. At Stackscale, we can support any project through our system management services as well as in collaboration with specialized partners in order to deploy High Availability infrastructures, using the latest technologies.

Thanks to our partnerships, we provide fully managed environments in those cases in which the client wants to partially outsource its technology department. Depending on the type of project, this service is provided in collaboration with partners specialized in the desired software technologies.

Deployment and migration

Deployment of the virtual environment, installation, securing (hardening) and configuration of all operating systems, services and applications, whether they be open source, commercial or provided by the customer.

Deployment of high traffic solutions for eCommerce sites and digital media platforms to support a high volume of concurrent users.

Deployment and management of critical systems requiring high availability and high performance.

Creation and implementation of the infrastructure and servers migration plan, when appropriate.

Analysis, design and implementation of complex corporate networks. Including the possibility of deploying redundant solutions to improve reliability and availability, completely integrated with the monitoring system.

If applicable, choice of software technologies to be implemented in close cooperation with customers.

Architecture design and modernization

Elaboration of proposals for technological renovation and redesign of the architecture when the system administration team sees fit, in order to improve the platform’s security, efficiency, performance and functionality.

Design of the virtual and physical architecture based on the technologies used, and on performance, capacity, redundancy and fault tolerance requirements. Considering the starting point and the procedures to resize the environment based on demand.

Management and maintenance

Definition of the best execution windows to minimize the impact on the business, as well as the patching levels that better suit customer needs.

Updates management system for Linux and Windows.

Management and ongoing maintenance of all deployed systems.

Optionally, management of RIPE and IP resource management membership.


Comprehensive system monitoring solutions that cover everything from hardware and network components to the operating system, services, applications and even business KPIs.

24/7 monitoring of all services provided by the platform with immediate intervention before any anomaly detection.

Dashboard design and creation (for eCommerce sites, microservices, etc.) to make it easy for customers to visualize relevant data.

Data retention to allow detailed postmortem analysis and the implementation of error prevention strategies. Perfectly integrated with Ticketing – Service Desk and Alerting tools.


Proactive supervision of business security, focusing on the identification of network threats. Including threat analysis and BOT management with AI, vulnerability management, file integrity check and alerting, etc.

Audits for compliance with corporate and institutional standards such as CIS, HIPAA, NIST or PCI.

Deployment and management of IDS/IPS tools and antivirus software.

Secure access to remote environments.

Detection, prevention and fixing of security issues during application development. Including stress tests, pentests, vulnerability scans and reports, WAF, code scanning, etc.

Perimeter security such as the reduction of the attack surface, detection and management of attacks, and blocking illegitimate incoming and outgoing traffic.

Backups and DR

Backup services customized to each project’s needs in terms of retention time, RPO and granularity.

Backup and execution consistency.

Full backup restoration.

Disaster Recovery and business continuity planning, including the simulation of DR processes to estimate the RTO.

Keep your business always available and fully operational 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

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