Infrastructure and server migration

At Stackscale, we offer infrastructure and servers migration solutions, system management, and 24/7 monitoring and support.

We will help you migrating your servers or cloud solutions, from environments such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud or traditional providers, to Private Cloud infrastructure solutions; optimizing costs and resources for every project.

We provide bare-metal environments migration and dedicated servers migration solutions, as well as other migration solutions from Public Cloud environments to Private Cloud solutions without noisy neighbors.

Apart from coordinating systems migrations, we support you in server and system administration so that you can partially or completely outsource your IT department.

Depending on your project, we offer this service in collaboration with our specialized partners, depending on the software and technologies you need.

We are experts in system migrations

We take care of all necessary details to minimize the impact of the infrastructure’s transformation and upgrade in all our system migration projects.

eCommerce platforms migration, for projects requiring to always be available and resize according to incoming traffic.

High volumen platforms migration, for projects working on WordPress with thousands of pages per second.

Traditional solutions migration, for projects based on bare-metal servers.

High volume websites migration, for projects delivering hundreds or even thousands of pages per second.

Big Data environments migration, for projects processing large amounts of information.

How can we help you with your migration and digital transformation?

We define the system’s architecture

Our sysadmin team, together with our certified partners, will review and study your system’s architecture in order to prepare it for a perfect migration.

We conduct migration tests

Before completing the migration, we conduct loading and simulation tests, so that we can execute the final migration with no impact on the service, or the minimum impact possible.

We support you with system management and monitoring

We can help you managing servers and infrastructure through a proactive 24/7 service, in order to tackle problems before they have an impact on the service.

We conduct loading tests

Conducting loading tests is key to handle thousands or millions of simultaneous users. This is essential when planning TV campaigns or during important dates, such as Black Friday or Christmas.

We offer backups and Disaster Recovery plans

We will adapt backups and snapshot policies according to your project’s needs. If necessary, we can deploy geographically dispersed replicas and even define Disaster Recovery scenarios.

We build high availability (HA) and high-volume solutions

We work hard to develop high availability infrastructure solutions that allow a platform can support high volumes of traffic, as well as working even when some components fail or slow down.

We can help you with your system migration or with the digital transformation of traditional infrastructures.

At Stackscale, we worry about executing perfect server migrations from Public Cloud or dedicated bare-metal servers to a new Private Cloud environment. Control your business core while reducing recurring costs with our solutions.

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