CDN solutions

CDN (Content Delivery Network) solutions that allow to accelerate up to 10 times video and website loading speed.
  • Keep content closer to end users.
  • Accelerate video and web loading times.
  • Optimize performance.
  • Be ready to support large traffic spikes without disruptions.
+40 Points of Presence
99,95% availability
Reinforced security
Technical support

Edge distributed content

In addition to accelerating a website’s loading speed, it allows to handle large traffic volumes without disruptions and acts as a first defensive line against cyberattacks. These are some of the advantages of the content distribution solutions (web, SSL web, video streaming, etc.) we offer in collaboration with our strategic partners:
  • Up to 10 times faster response times.
  • More than 40 PoPs (Points of Presence) distributed in Europe, America and Asia.
  • Ability to support large traffic volumes and a large number of simultaneous users.
  • 99,95% availability.
  • Based on Varnish Enterprise.
  • API Rest.
  • Multidevice support.
  • Interactions available in real-time view.
  • Edge transcoding services to improve the distribution of multimedia content.

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Keeping content closer to end users is becoming a requirement for most companies. We combine our high-performance cloud environments with CDN solutions so that our customers can keep growing and improving customer loyalty without limitations.

Edge distributed security

Solutions focused on boosting prevention and protection against cyberattacks to help companies face one of their biggest challenges nowadays: cybersecurity. These are some of the advantages of the distributed security solutions we offer in collaboration with our strategic partners:

  • Traffic filtration to protect against potential external attacks.
  • Active identification and filtration of vulnerabilities.
  • Warning system.
  • HTTPS, using the TLS protocol, to establish encrypted communications.
  • Cybersecurity consulting services.

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