Data protection and sovereignty lead digital transformation in the EU

31/01/2023 – Madrid

Last Saturday, January 28th, the European Data Protection Day was celebrated to raise awareness and promote best practices regarding data privacy and protection. In a context of digital economy growth, where data play an increasingly important role in all fields, European providers like Stackscale also highlight the importance of data sovereignty and the development of European technological services.

Last Saturday, January 28th, the European Data Protection Day was celebrated to commemorate the first legally binding international instrument on data protection, adopted in the Council of Europe’s Convention 108 the very same day in 1981.

Both data privacy and protection are a growing source of concern among institutions, companies and citizens. This points out the value of supporting the development of European technological solutions and services that respect and promote the European Union’s fundamental values. As well as promoting the development of projects strengthening the EU’s digital sovereignty. Like the Gaia-X initiative, focused on European digital sovereignty.

On this subject, the European Union establishes diverse goals to reach by 2030 within its Digital Decade program, such as achieving that at least 80% of Europe’s population has basic digital skills, that 100% of essential public services are available online for citizens and businesses, or that cloud adoption among EU companies reaches 75% — which entails an increase above 30% compared with the average adoption rate of 2021.

Furthermore, with a 38% increase in the number of weekly cyberattacks on corporate networks compared to 2021, according to Check Point Research data, data protection and Disaster Recovery planning continue to go up in the list of business priorities. Not only from the point of view of protecting personal, confidential and critical data to prevent access by unauthorized people or purposes, but also from the point of view of durability.

According to experts, security and privacy are fundamental at all levels. David Carrero of Stackscale explains that:

“it is indispensable to address security both at a technical and organizational level, from the infrastructure, storage and network to geo-replication, data encryption and identity management. This is especially important during digital transformation and cloud migration processes where workloads and data decentralization requires implementing new approaches and security models, such as Zero Trust, focused on increasing applications and data protection regardless of the location.”

In regards to the digitalization of European companies, according to Eurostat data, 56% of them had reached a basic digital intensity level in 2021 — with a significant difference between SMEs (55%) and big companies (88%). This percentage is still far from the Digital Decade program’s objective, according to which more than 90% of SMEs should have reached a basic level of digital intensity by 2030. Moreover, only 18% of them have reached a high level.

Aiming to offer high-end technological solutions and help companies throughout their digital transformation, Grupo Aire, to which Stackscale belongs, comprehends a wide range of cloud, connectivity and business continuity products which place data protection and sovereignty at the core of the digital strategy.

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Data protection and sovereignty lead digital transformation in the EU