Meet-me room (MMR): features and benefits

What is a meet-me room or MMR

The meet-me room, also known as MMR, is a space within the data center facilities where telecommunications companies and network service providers can physically connect their infrastructure. It serves as an interconnection hub for carriers, ISPs, cloud service providers, CDNs and other service providers within the data center.

What is a meet-me room?

A meet-me room or MMR is the space (or spaces, when there are multiple MMRs) where all the cables of the data center’s customers and providers are arranged. This enables providers to establish direct connections to exchange data traffic, share resources and interconnect their networks. Moreover, these interconnection spaces facilitate the design of private, public and hybrid cloud infrastructure solutions.

This availability of connectivity options make it easier for companies to find and implement the most suitable solution faster and more cost-efficiently. Without the hassle of taking care of the interconnection itself nor its monitoring and maintenance, as the data center is responsible for it. Besides, IXPs can also be present in meet-me rooms in order to make traffic exchange easier for organizations and providers.

Meet-me room benefits

As a neutral and centralized location that simplifies the process of establishing direct connections, meet-me rooms offer diverse benefits in addition to increasing efficiency. For instance, it contributes to:

  • Reducing latency by avoiding routing traffic through external networks.
  • Saving costs by avoiding the need for third-party connections. Providers can negotiate more favorable peering agreements, potentially reducing connectivity expenses.
  • Enhancing network performance by leveraging a more direct and reliable path for data transfer.
  • Leveraging further scalability and flexibility to expand interconnections as businesses grow.
  • Choosing among the wide range of connectivity providers available in the data center and present in the MMR. This also boosts redundancy and reliability, as organizations can have multiple paths available for data transfer.
  • Benefiting from cross-connections within the MMR to establish direct links and boost collaboration and services exchange with other providers.

To sum up, a MMR is an interconnection space for carriers, ISPs, cloud providers, CDNs and other service providers within the data center. It not only favors interconnection but also offers numerous benefits such as lower latency, cost savings, improved network performance and scalability.

Stackscale’s data centers have meet-me rooms and provide agile, secure and efficient connectivity. Thus providing customers with greater freedom to opt for the services and connectivity options that better meet their requirements and goals.

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