the first registered .com domain name is the first registered .com domain name on the Internet is the first registered .com domain name on the Internet; it is to say, the oldest .com domain. It was registered by Symbolics, Inc., an American computer manufacturer, back on March 15, 1985. Decades later, in August 2009, it was acquired by Investments (now

First 100 registered .com domains

The first 100 .com domain names were registered between March 15, 1985 and November 30, 1987.

Registration dateDomain nameRegistered by
March 15, 1985symbolics.comSymbolics, Inc.
April 24, 1985bbn.comBolt Beranek and Newman Inc. (now Raytheon BBN)
May 24, 1985think.comThinking Machines Corporation
July 11, 1985mcc.comMicroelectronics and Computer Consortium (later Microelectronics and Computer Technology Corporation)
September 30, 1985dec.comDigital Equipment Corporation
November 7, 1985northrop.comNorthrop Corporation
January 9, 1986xerox.comXerox Holdings Corporation
January 17, 1986sri.comSRI International
March 3, 1986hp.comHewlett-Packard Company
March 5, 1986bellcore.comBellcore (now iconectiv)
March 19, 1986ibm.comInternational Business Machines Corporation (IBM)
sun.comSun Microsystems, Inc.
March 25, 1986intel.comIntel Corporation
ti.comTexas Instruments Incorporated
April 25, 1986att.comAT&T, Inc.
May 8, 1986gmr.comGeneral Motors Research Laboratories
tek.comTektronix, Inc. (known as Tek)
July 10, 1986fmc.comFMC Corporation
ub.comUngermann-Bass (also UB Networks)
August 5, 1986bell-atl.comVerizon Communications, Inc. (known as Verizon)
ge.comGeneral Electric Company
grebyn.comGrebyn Corporation
isc.comInteractive Systems Corporation
nsc.comNational Semiconductor
stargate.comStargate Information Services
September 2, 1986boeing.comThe Boeing Company
September 18, 1986ITCorp.comInterrupt Technology Corporation
September 29, 1986siemens.comSiemens
October 18, 1986pyramid.comPyramid Technology Corporation
October 27, 1986alphacdc.comAlpha Communications Development Corporation
bdm.comBraddock, Dunn & McDonald (later BDM International)
fluke.comFluke Corporation
inmet.comIntermetrics, Inc. (later AverStar)
mentor.comMentor Graphics (acquired by Siemens in 2017)
nec.comNEC Corporation
ray.comRaytheon Technologies Corporation
rosemount.comRosemount, Inc.
vortex.comVortex Technology
November 5, 1986alcoa.comAlcoa Corporation
gte.comGTE Corporation
November 17, 1986adobe.comAdobe Systems Incorporated
amd.comAdvanced Micro Devices, Inc.
das.comDA Systems, Inc.
data-ioData I/O
octopus.comOctopus Enterprises
portal.comPortal Information Network (later Portal Software, Inc.)
teltone.comTeltone Corporation
December 11, 19863com.com3Com Corporation
amdahl.comAmdahl Corporation
ccur.comConcurrent Computer Corporation
ci.comCognition, Inc.
convergent.comConvergent Technologies, Inc.
dg.comData General Corporation
peregrine.comPeregrine Systems, Inc.
quad.comQuadraton Systems, Inc.
sq.comSoftQuad Software
tandy.comTandy Corporation
tti.comCiticorp (now Citigroup, Inc. or Citi)
unisys.comUnisys Corporation
January 19, 1987cgi.comCarnegie Group, Inc.
cts.comCrash TimeSharing
spdcc.comS.P. Dyer Computer Consulting
February 19, 1987apple.comApple Computer Company (now Apple, Inc.)
March 4, 1987nma.comNetwork Management Associates
prime.comPrime Computer, Inc.
April 4, 1987philips.comN.V. Philips’ Gloeilampenfabrieken (known as Philips)
April 23, 1987datacube.comDatacube, Inc.
kai.comKuck and Associates, Inc.
tic.comTexas Internet Consulting
vine.comVine Technology
April 30, 1987ncr.comNational Cash Register (now NCR Corporation)
May 14, 1987cisco.comCisco Systems, Inc (known as Cisco)
rdl.comResearch Development Laboratories
May 20, 1987slb.comSchlumberger Limited (SLB)
May 27, 1987parcplace.comParcPlace Systems, Inc.
utc.comUnited Technologies Corporation (UTC)
June 26, 1987ide.comInteractive Development Environments, Inc.
July 9, 1987trw.comTRW, Inc.
July 13, 1987unipress.comUnipress Software
July 27, 1987dupont.comDuPont de Nemours, Inc. (known as DuPont)
lockheed.comLockheed Corporation
July 28, 1987rosetta.comRosetta Consulting
August 18, 1987toad.comJohn Gilmore
August 31, 1987quick.comQuicksilver Engineering
September 3, 1987allied.comAlliedSignal
dsc.comDigital Sound Corporation
sco.comThe Santa Cruz Operation, Inc. (known as SCO)
September 22, 1987gene.comGenentech, Inc.
kccs.comKC Computer Sciences
spectra.comSpectragraphics Corporation
wlk.comW.L. Kennedy Jr. & Associates
September 30, 1987mentat.comMentat, Inc.
October 14, 1987wyse.comWyse Technology (Wyse)
November 2, 1987cfg.comCaine, Farber & Gordon, Inc.
November 9, 1987marble.comMarble Associates, Inc.
November 16, 1987cayman.comCayman Systems, Inc.
entity.comEntity Cyber, Inc.
November 24, 1987ksr.comKendall Square Research (KSR)
November 30, 1987nynexst.comNYNEX Corporation

Source: iwhois (archived)

How many .com domains are registered nowadays?

According to Verisign’s Domain Name Industry Brief of Q3 2022, there are 160.9 million .com domain names registered in the world, out of a total of 349.9 million registered domains across all top-level domains (TLDs).

The 100 million .com domain names milestone was surpassed during Q1 2012, about 27 years after the registration of the very first one — as reported by Verisign on The Domain Name Industry Brief of July 2012.

Top-level domain .com

The .com domain is one of the top-level domains in the Internet’s Domain Name System (DNS). It is derived from the word commercial, as it was intended for domains registered by commercial organizations. However, it later became a domain for general purposes and the most commonly used one as well.

The domains .com, .edu, .gov, .int, .mil, .net and .org were the first TLDs added in the DNS implementation at the beginning of 1985.

First registered domain name of the original TLDs

Registration dateDomain nameRegistered by
.comMarch 15, 1985symbolics.comSymbolics, Inc.
.eduApril 24, 1985berkeley.eduUniversity of California, Berkeley
cmu.eduCarnegie Mellon University
purdue.eduPurdue University
rice.eduRice University
ucla.eduUniversity of California, Los Angeles
.intOctober 10, 1995ffa.intPacific Islands Forum Fisheries Agency
.netJanuary 1, 1985nordu.netNordic Infrastructure for Research and Education
.orgJuly 10, 1985mitre.orgThe Mitre Corporation

The lists of the oldest registered domain names of the first TLDs added to the Domain Name system are available on wikipedia.

Registration dates of tech platforms and companies’ .com domain names

Finally, just out of curiosity, here is a list of the .com domain name’s registration of some of the largest technology companies and platforms. Data is publicly available on ICANN’s lookup tool.

CompanyDomainRegistration date
Xeroxxerox.comJanuary 9, 1986
HPhp.comMarch 3, 1986
IBMibm.comMarch 19, 1986
Intelintel.comMarch 25, 1986
Adobeadobe.comNovember 17, 1986
Appleapple.comFebruary 19, 1987
Delldell.comNovember 22, 1988
Microsoftmicrosoft.comMay 2, 1991
Amazonamazon.comNovember 1, 1994
Samsungsamsung.comNovember 29, 1994
eBayebay.comAugust 4, 1995
TikToktiktok.comJuly 21, 1996
Facebook/Metafacebook.comMarch 29, 1997
Googlegoogle.comSeptember 15, 1997
Netflixnetflix.comNovember 11, 1997
Twittertwitter.comJanuary 21, 2000
WordPresswordpress.comMarch 3, 2000
Linkedinlinkedin.comNovember 2, 2002
Instagraminstagram.comJune 4, 2004
YouTubeyoutube.comFebruary 15, 2005

Stackscale’s commercial domain name,, was registered on November 30, 2011, as our project to provide specialized cloud computing services was starting to take shape.

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