Back End Developer Job Offer

Looking for Back End Developer jobs? You are in the right place! At Stackscale, we are looking for backend developers to join our team. We are a Private Cloud service provider that operates in Spain and the Netherlands, with offices in Madrid, Alicante and Amsterdam. We are present in 5 data centers where we have about 10.000 CPU cores, 100 TB of RAM and 3 PB of information.

We have an internal physical infrastructure as a service (IaaS) orchestration tool, which manages and automates tasks on routers, switches, computing nodes, hypervisors and storage arrays, among others.

We are looking for backend developers that want to join our development team, with deep knowledge of Python, Django and Celery. It is necessary to be used to working with Linux OS, GIT and Agile methodologies, and any knowledge of systems and networks will be highly valued due to the project’s nature.

The position is remote and the work schedule, even though it is flexible, must be compatible with the Spanish working hours. Once our offices are open again, they will be available for you whenever you wish.

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You can apply by filling the following form or by sending as an email to

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