Advanced cloud for WordPress

Do you need cloud hosting and system administration for optimizing your websites on WordPress? At Stackscale, we develop highly available and performant solutions for WordPress sites demanding to move thousands or millions of pages monthly, always at the maximum speed.

Our Private Cloud and Flash Premium Network Storage services are optimized for websites developed on WordPress CMS. Moreover, thanks to our strategic partners we provide system administration to websites with a high volume, demanding the maximum performance and speed.

Who are these cloud solutions for WordPress designed for?

Our solutions are designed for both small projects that need to grow and big projects that need to significantly improve their speed, performance, scalability and redundancy.

Advantages of hosting your WordPress in our dedicated cloud

  • Advanced solutions on a dedicated cloud for every project.
  • 4x10G network connections on every computing node.
  • High performance network storage based on Premium Flash SSD.
  • Architecture definition for complex projects.
  • Support on system administration, if necessary.
  • Balancing solutions: HAproxy, cache with Varnish, Nginx web server with HHVM or PHP7, MySQL databases in cluster, etc.
  • Direct access to a specialized technical support, in Spanish and English.

Advantages of using WordPress as a CMS

  • Simple, accessible and intuitive content management board.
  • Possibility of adding extra functions through plugins and templates.
  • Wide range of responsive templates and easy to develop.
  • Possibility of built in security with SSL support.
  • Available in many languages.
  • Many customization options.
  • A standard backed up by a big dev community.

Do you want to know more about our solutions?

Many Stackscale customers use WordPress as their content management platform for growing and developing websites on the Internet. Our extensive expertise with this kind of projects is an added value to the multiple advantages of combining our exclusive cloud to this CMS.
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