Stackscale’s Private Cloud based on OpenStack is easily managed through Soax, an orchestration software powered by a powerful automation engine.
Deploy OpenStack on a private cloud infrastructure adapted to business requirements and easily manage all the elements within the data center; with multi-cloud orchestration available for OpenStack, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Azure.

Service Orchestrator Administrator

Soax enables the provisioning, control and monitoring of all the elements within a virtual data center — VMs, storage, firewalls, routers and so on.

Intuitive interface

Functional and intuitive Drag & Drop interface; with complete functionality via API.

Security and privacy

Security and privacy at the core, with double-factor authentication.

Cost and time efficiency

Cost and time efficiency thanks to the automation of common operations.

Specialized support

Specialized technical support, adapted to the customers needs.

Multi-cloud management

Multi-cloud orchestration available for OpenStack, AWS and Azure.

One-click deployment

One-click virtual datacenter deployments.

Scalability and flexibility

Scalability and flexibility to customize.

Multi-tenant & Multi-domain

Multi-tenant and multi-domain platform.

OpenStack Private Cloud

Discover the numerous features and benefits your company can leverage by deploying OpenStack Cloud with Stackscale.