Private Cloud

Stackscale’s Private Cloud solution combines virtualization advantages with dedicated hardware’s guarantees.

The integration of best-of-breed third-party technologies, with its own applications and expertise, enables the company to offer unique and differentiated features.

Predictable performance

The noisy neighbour is the most feared effect in most of the Public Clouds around. It happens because their customers use shared resources that are normally highly oversubscribed. An environment at Stackscale exists of several computing nodes of exclusive use. All of them connected through bottle-neck free 20Gbps links. Combine that with our oversized low-latency network storage, and we achieve guaranteed constant high performance with no noisy neighbours.

Extreme redundancy

Every element within Stackscale’s infrastructure is redundant to provide a fault-tolerant service. Common redundant elements include dual n+1 protected power feeds, cooling, routers and aggregation switches, but Stackscale goes beyond by placing dual access switches to all computing nodes (2x10G to each node) and fault-tolerant network storage, and dealing with faulty computing nodes by automatically replacing them, leveraging on the centralized storage. Geographically dispersed replication can also be ordered to build Disaster Recovery plans that assume the worst contingencies.

Security and data protection

Stackscale’s platform has been designed with security in mind. Private computing nodes, private and isolated networks and private and isolated storage volumes are among the measures in place to reach a security level that a traditional dedicated platform would normally have. Data protection is another important topic and we go beyond the commonly used RAID or mirroring techniques; snapshot-based backups and hourly replication to independent storage systems are always present at Stackscale.


At Stackscale we host mission-critical applications. We strongly believe that our customers should know all the relevant details of our infrastructure. As opposed to deliver services in the Cloud that are just supposed to work. As a consequence, our customers know which hardware their applications are running on. They know the datacenters where their environments are physically located. And which network equipment and topology they are using and any other relevant information.

Scalability and Pay as you Go

Despite the fact that a Private Cloud environment cannot feature a complete Pay as you Go approach due to its complexity, our pricing structure maintains a pay per use model wherever is possible and aims to be straightforward even in the most complex services.

There are four computing node models available, featuring 128GB, 192GB, 256GB and 512GB of RAM, both of them powered by the most efficient Intel Xeon E5-2600 processors.

Easily designed Private Clouds

Designing a Private Cloud environment meant to be run at Stackscale is an easy task, as there are by far less variables to play with. Important design parameters are RAM and persistent storage size, being less important IOPS, bandwidth and CPU requirements, since these are prevented from becoming a bottleneck in most scenarios.

Stackscale pre-sales team provides for free an architecture design to meet every project’s goals based on performance, capacity and fault-tolerance requirements.

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