Cloud Computing takes 25% of the budget European enterprises

 10/Sep/2014 -   General
Cloud Computing takes 25% of the budget European enterprises

The worldwide investments in cloud computing is at a steady pace of growth and has now reached levels of 23% of the budget of the information technology (TI) of the companies, and is expected to increase to 27% over the next three years, although I will bet that it will be more. Figures in Europe are located around 19% and in only three years, it is expected that they’ll be approaching 25%.

As stated in the report by Cisco Consulting Services (CSC) and Intel among more than 4,000 managers (CTO, CIO,…). Of the respondents 86% already use third-party cloud services and they are satisfied with the service they are receiving, despite the fact that the demands are very high for cloud services. Among the main requirements of companies to jump to the cloud are available mechanisms of high security, personalization, and guarantees of service through SLA (service level agreements), and no doubt involving a systems consolidation and cost reduction.

Although we still have barriers to overcome, especially in security and complexity of use, it is clear that 8 of every 10 polled technology managers are sure that cloud services have a very positive impacting in their companies at different stages of the cycle of consumption of IT (planning, investment, deployment, operations and management). But the vision of cloud computing is not the same in emerging market s than in advanced countries. The emerging countries, such as China, India, Mexico or Brazil see it as a tool to transform and improve productivity, while countries such as United States, United Kingdom, Spain, Germany or Canada give much importance to their potential to consolidate systems and save costs.

The appeal of personalization of the cloud

It is also clear that systems customization, and the ability to adapt very easily to the needs of customers, with solutions more adhoc, more optimized and efficient, is the key to why many companies think seriously about using the cloud. More than 75% of the IT managers see their companies and departments as an “orchestrator” (same as the cloud) of internal and external services to cover different areas of business, providing security and technical support.

Download the CISCO report: The Impact of Cloud on IT Consumption Models

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