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Plesk control panel

Plesk: features, releases and licenses

Plesk is the most popular commercial web hosting control panel on the market. It is actively developed by Plesk International GmbH, under a proprietary license, and its last release is Plesk Obsidian. What is Plesk? Plesk is a commercial web hosting control panel developed for Linux and Windows. It is targeted to infrastructure providers, IT

Types of performance tests

7 Types of performance tests

Performance tests help measure diverse aspects of web applications, sites and environments, in order to guarantee they are fast, stable and scalable. There are diverse types of performance tests, such as load tests, stress tests or capacity tests. What is a performance test? Performance tests are used to measure stability, scalability, throughput and performance of

Hardware and software stress testing

Hardware and software stress testing

In computing, stress testing is a type of performance test used to determine the stability and reliability of systems and applications. Also known as “endurance testing” or “torture testing”, it is particularly recommended for mission critical systems and infrastructures. Stress tests Stress tests push hardware and software capabilities beyond normal operating conditions in order to

Popular Linux distributions

31 popular Linux distributions

In the following list, we have gathered some of the most popular Linux distributions and some growing distros too. GNU/Linux operating systems are Unix-like and open source, and based on the Linux kernel. Among the long list of Linux distributions, there are a number of distros that clearly stand out among the others — in

Types of storage: file storage, block storage and object storage

3 Types of storage: file, block and object

There are different types of storage — file storage, block storage and object storage, for different needs and use cases. Therefore, as data is one valuable asset nowadays, organizations must carefully choose where and how to store it. File storage File storage or file-based storage consists of data storage systems that manage data as files,

Choosing an OpenVPN client

Which OpenVPN clients to use and how to install them

The OpenVPN clients we recommend at Stackscale are: an easy to install OpenVPN package for Linux, the open source OpenVPN client for Windows and the open source TunnelBlick solution for Mac OS. OpenVPN is a widespread open source Virtual Private Network solution which offers numerous security possibilities. How to install OpenVPN on Linux You can

Hyperconverged infrastructure or HCI

Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI): benefits and workloads

Hyperconvergence is an IT infrastructure aiming to reduce data center complexity. It does so by combining computing, storage, networking and management capabilities in a single system. In addition to reducing complexity, it also allows to increase scalability, flexibility and IT efficiency. Besides, hyperconverged systems help reduce costs while ensuring the necessary availability, reliability and performance.

10 popular database management systems

10 popular database management systems (DBMS)

We have collected some of the most popular database management systems (DBMS) nowadays. Let’s start by defining what a database management system is. What is a database management system? A database management system (DBMS) is a software used to define, manipulate, retrieve, store and manage data in databases. To sum up, database management systems are

DevOps and DevSecOps

DevOps and DevSecOps: Agile software development

DevOps and DevSecOps are work methodologies that aim to release better software, faster. They focus on the collaboration between software development and IT operations departments to increase agility in development and deployment processes. These methodologies are based on the Agile methodology to speed up processes across departments. These new approaches to software development are based

Web hosting control panels list

18 popular web hosting control panels

Web hosting control panels are a must-have for system administrators and web hosting providers nowadays. That is why we have created a list of the most popular web hosting control panels. Control panels make management and automation tasks easier for sysadmins. They allow, for instance, managing one or several servers from a single dashboard. So,


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