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One of the keys to success of the Tutellus + Stackscale project is the great human value behind every service.

Tutellus is an online education collaborative platform born in 2012 with the goal of creating a fresher, video-based and collaborative product. Their vision is clear: “helping more than 100 million people during the following 5 years to improve their life through education”. The project’s growth lead them to rethink their infrastructure in 2015.

From Public Cloud to Private Cloud

The first infrastructure of Tutellus consisted of a stack based on Java that run on a Public Cloud environment. But as the project grew, the team started to be aware of the huge expense that infrastructure involved and during 2015 they started to rethink it; opting for going from a Public Cloud to a Private Cloud.

Stackscale’s Private Cloud offers them “an unbeatable quality-price vs. services ratio”, as its CEO, Miguel Caballero, explains. During the infrastructure’s reconsideration the team was sure they wanted to use Docker, which was already emerging strongly in 2015, and a Private Cloud was the best environment for doing so. Moreover, Stackscale’s specialized technical support offers personalized assistance for growing without limits.

“The few times we have had an incident it has been solved in minutes, by responsive people that have deep knowledge of the services we have contracted. Nothing like a call center.”
Miguel Caballero, CEO of Tutellus

A simple migration: we turned one platform off and set the other one up

The infrastructure migration was very simple, since it coincided with a technological change of all the platform. Furthermore, the data volume was quite delimited. We migrated the NodeJS/Javascript ecosystem and simply turned one platform off and set the other one up after 24h of data migration.


Tutellus is an online education collaborative platform that combines design, simplicity and technology to offer a simple, social and fun experience. Currently, it is present in 160 countries, with about 170.000 video courses in Spanish and a community of almost 2 million students whose value is hard to measure and compare. A community that according to his CEO, Miguel Caballero, “is worth millions”.

Tutellus' CEO and CTO

Their vision of helping to improve people’s lives through education is clear and is reflected in their endless desire to learn and progress, without loosing their essence.

“We firmly believe in our ability to change a sector (education) that in our opinion has barely changed during the last centuries.”

— Miguel Caballero, CEO of Tutellus.

In 2015 they launched a subscription model and later a service for companies, in 2017 they started the decentralization process with the TUT token, in 2018 they launched a training line in Blockchain and at the end of 2019 they started to launch verticals, starting with Masterfather, a musical Edutainment platform that gathers the top artists and producers of the Latin world.

At Stackscale we have a wide experience in infrastructure and Private Cloud projects, we analyze the needs of every project together with the customer in order to find the computing solution that allows him to optimize the project’s costs and resources. So, regardless of the technology you need to boost a service or product, we can advise and support you to achieve the best results.

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“Above all, what we want is a powerful service and a support team that answers to our needs as quickly as possible. [...] Because of our philosophy, we like to keep a certain control over the technical part, since it is key after all, and that, we have it with Stackscale.”

Óscar Miguel, co-founder of Diariomotor
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“The change to Stackscale involved leaving the colocation model and I am very satisfied with the result: we no longer have to worry about hardware, we have total flexibility, we can scale up at any time and in addition our costs are significantly lower.”

Luis Mendaña, CEO of Miarroba
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