Infrastructure for ISPs

Stackscale offers its infrastructure technical unvirtualized in ‘white label’, enabling infrastructure as a service (IaaS) providers operate without investment nor high commitments to use.

Technical infrastructure for ISPs and IaaS providers

Many of Stackscale customers are system integrators of different technologies that provide added value to customers and end users. Including Internet service providers and providers of infrastructure as a service (ISPs and IaaS) respectively for its acronym in English.

For this segment Stackscale puts at your disposal its technical infrastructure mode “bare-metal” that provides total freedom when it comes to implementing hypervisors and orchestrators. Both Open Source and commercial.

The main features of this service are:

  • Delivery of compute nodes “bare-metal” with KVMoIP administration through LOM “Lights Off Management” interface. And ability to boot/installation via PXE.
  • Connection to 2x10G by each node highly available and without bottlenecks. Giving a main communication network and additional isolated through VLAN tagging (802.1Q).
  • Access to storage zScale systems through NFS.
  • IP addressing registered on behalf of the client. With the possibility of using the customer’s own public IP addresses.
  • Internet access without limitations, with fixed monthly billing based on a level of 95% percentile agreed, revisable periodically depending on actual observed traffic.
  • Possibility of interconnection to the customer’s network via links of 1G, 10G or multiple 10G’s.

The physical infrastructure of Stackscale is specially designed for Cloud environments, with a network of 20G/80G and centralized Flash SSD data storage .

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