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Data protection and data sovereignty in the digital economy

Data protection and data sovereignty in the digital economy

Data protection and data sovereignty are increasingly important in the digital economy — so much that there is even a Data Privacy Day, celebrated every January 28th. Why is it so? Because as data becomes more and more valuable for individuals, organizations and institutions, data sovereignty, protection and privacy have become key aspects for building

NoSQL databases

NoSQL databases: features, benefits and types

NoSQL databases are non-relational databases (DBs), intended for applications that need low latency and flexible models to manage large data volumes. They include a wide variety of database technologies designed to meet the development needs of modern applications — which are constantly generating huge amounts of new data. The migration from relational to non-relational databases

The effect of data gravity and the cloud

Data gravity: large data sets attract smaller data sets

Data gravity highlights the importance of data in our modern economy. Organizations are facing a huge growth in enterprise data due to data-intensive applications like the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). No matter the industry, data continues to grow within companies as they move forward and it is becoming increasingly strategic. What


Grafana, data analytics and interactive visualization

Grafana is a multi-platform, open source web application for data analytics and interactive visualization. It enables the creation of control panels and graphs from multiple sources, including time series databases, hardware equipment, etc. The application is available under AGPL v3 license (GNU’s Affero General Public License, version 3.0). It is supported in the three main

Encriptación PGP, Pretty Good Privacy

PGP, cryptographic privacy and authentication

PGP provides cryptographic privacy and authentication when communicating or transferring data over the Internet. How does it do so? By using public-key cryptography, symmetric-key cryptography and digital signatures. We share a lot of data in our daily lives, both professionally and personally, and privacy is a top priority. On this matter, PGP is one the

Aumento desorbitado de los datos

The exorbitant increase in data requires innovation in storage

We liked this reference in Acloudhosting in which they highlight that the exorbitant increase in the data is demanding innovation in storage. The report of Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) makes it clear that companies maintain a continuous struggle to manage and protect their data. High availability, data replication and even the relocation of the backups


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