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The effect of data gravity and the cloud

What is data gravity?

The term “data gravity” refers to the ability of data to attract additional data, applications and services as data sets grow. Data gravity is also related to the intensity of data growth. It highlights the importance of data in our modern economy. No matter the industry, data continues to grow within companies as they move

Data protection and data sovereignty in the digital economy

Data protection and data sovereignty in the digital economy

Data protection and privacy has become an essential right; due to the leading role of data in our modern economy. It is key both for building trust and for creating added value and, therefore, growth. As a result, data sovereignty measures have been adopted around the world to protect the citizens’ data. Although data management

Aumento desorbitado de los datos

The exorbitant increase in data requires innovation in storage

We liked this reference in Acloudhosting in which they highlight that the exorbitant increase in the data is demanding innovation in storage. The report of Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) makes it clear that companies maintain a continuous struggle to manage and protect their data. High availability, data replication and even the relocation of the backups


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