The exorbitant increase in data requires innovation in storage

Aumento desorbitado de los datos

We liked this reference in Acloudhosting in which they highlight that the exorbitant increase in the data is demanding innovation in storage. The report of Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) makes it clear that companies maintain a continuous struggle to manage and protect their data. High availability, data replication and even the relocation of the backups are the key to the solution.

However, companies need to contain costs as they adopt new advanced storage technologies, while managing their data growth. These are key factors depending on the type of storage used, technologies such as de-duplication to reduce the occupied amount of data on disk. And also storage systems based on distributed systems of servers full of disks. Systems such as ReiserFS or ScaleIO enable redundant storage at very competitive costs.

From the report we highlight this chart where we see the most significant areas for companies when choosing their storage solutions.

Graphic of the most significant areas for companies when choosing their storage solutions

Undoubtedly most important things is the protection of data, followed by the virtualization of the data. After this disaster recovery and data replication come in at third place. This reminds me of the systems that we are introducing in Stackscale that focus on many of the referenced points, but especially the first three. Within the centralized storage solutions we have NetApp-based solutions that provide a high level of data protection and facilitates data replication, as well as disaster recovery, for example, by easy data replication between our CPD in Madrid and Holland.

Other solutions for distributed storage that we are testing for our customers are based on solutions with ReiserFS and ScaleIO, and provide levels of security and replication at the same level as a NetApp or HPC cabin, but at much lower cost level.

Source: acloudhosting

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