Stackscale signs an agreement with Interactiv4

Stackscale and Interactiv4 partnership agreement 2013

The supplier of premium Private Cloud, Stackscale, with infrastructure in Amsterdam and Madrid, has signed a partnership agreement with Interactiv4 — specialists in Magento and e-commerce solutions. Stackscale is a Private Cloud provider, whose solutions are designed for companies and projects that demand a high amount of computing resources. Its team has over 15 years of experience in web hosting. Its founders, David Sanchez, Javier Primo, David Carrero Fernández-Baillo and Jeroen Derks, launched this project earlier this year and all of them have extensive experience in the hosting industry and the latest technologies.

David Carrero Fernández-Baillo, Cofounder and VP Sales, gives us his opinion about this agreement: “It is always a pleasure to work with the best professionals in the eCommerce industry and to be able to build together advanced cloud hosting solutions. The Stackscale-Interactiv4 partnership goes beyond a simple agreement, it’s a very close relationship to achieve the best integrations, with clear objectives such as performance, stability, and scalability for any eCommerce solution”.

Prior to Stackscale’s foundation, David was part of the Marketing Online department of Acens Technologies. Well-known within the sector, this entrepreneur and consultant in new technologies is specialized, among others, in Internet services, web hosting, web design, dedicated services, Linux, PHP and MYSQL; and has founded companies like Ferca Network.

Stackscale offers cloud solutions and is intended to be a way for customers to save money and efforts by using advanced technologies. Its principles are based on the belief that using cloud computing ensures high availability, flexibility, platforms’ scalability and advanced security. They use the best known solutions for virtualization, including the latest Open Source technologies. Always with the premise of simplifying usage thanks to a team of highly qualified professionals and an efficient consumer support service, in order to be able to offer a great service at a very competitive price.

And who is Stackscale for? It is intended primarily for:

  • Businesses that need very high computing resources and to consolidate their infrastructure; since the minimum to start with is 128 GB of RAM.
  • Also for those hosting providers who wish to have a Public Cloud, as one of its lines of business is the sale of small parts of your Private Cloud to a third party.
  • The possibility of counting on its team for system administration and 24/7 monitoring at the level each client needs.
  • And for companies that spend more than 500€ in hosting, since they can save a lot by changing to Stackscale. In addition, they can take advantage of the infrastructure’s availability in data centers in Madrid, Amsterdam and soon the United States.

Stackscale is currently in beta, although it has already well-known customers that trust their solutions, while developing adjustments to its final version, which will be available in Q4 of this year (2013). Meanwhile, you can access the beta version on Stackscale’s website.

Source: Revista Cloud

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