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Pretty Good Privacy, PGP

PGP, cryptographic privacy and authentication

PGP provides cryptographic privacy and authentication when communicating or transferring data over the Internet. How does it do so? By using public-key cryptography, symmetric-key cryptography and digital signatures. We share a lot of data in our daily lives, both professionally and personally, and privacy is a top priority. On this matter, PGP is one the

Data immutability

Data immutability: resilience against cyber threats

Data immutability keeps growing in popularity as an ally to ensure data security, regulatory compliance and data recovery. As cyber threats keep on the rise, data security and disaster recovery planning has become indispensable for business continuity; and immutable data gain relevance on this matter. What is data immutability? As defined in the Cambridge Dictionary,

What is a man in the middle attack or MiTM attack

What is a man in the middle attack?

A man in the middle attack is a security attack during which an attacker enters a communication between two parties undetected, redirecting data to pass through a node he controls. It is a type of session hijacking. Let’s deep into what a man in the middle attack is as well as into how to prevent

Interview with Stackscale's cofounder, David Carrero

Interview with Stackscale’s VP Sales & cofounder on CyberNews

Stackscale’s VP Sales & cofounder, David Carrero Fernández-Baillo, had an interview with CyberNews to talk about IT, the Internet and cybersecurity. The Covid-19 pandemic has entailed many challenges and threats and the digital world has been at the core of this new reality. As everyone’s digital activity increased, both personally and professionally, so did cyberattacks.

Tipos, protección y mitigación de ataques DDoS

DDoS attacks: types, protection and mitigation

DDoS attacks aim to take down online services by flooding them with an enormous amount of incoming traffic, originating from multiple sources. This type of cyberattack can have many negative effects on business profits, as well as damage a company’s reputation. Let’s see what a DDoS attack consists of and how to protect services and

David Carrero, Stackscale co-founder, in the cybersecurity documentary "El enemigo anónimo"

Stackscale participates in the first cybersecurity documentary made in Spain

Stackscale is one of the sponsors of the first cybersecurity documentary made in Spain: “El enemigo anónimo” (“The anonymous enemy”, in English). Diverse experts in fields related to cybersecurity have participated in this documentary, which has been created and directed by the journalist Carlos Otto. Our co-founder and VP Sales, David Carrero Fernández-Baillo, participated in

Stackscale at CISO Day 2020 cyber security event

Stackscale participates in the CISO Day 2020 event

This year we participate as sponsor in the CISO Day 2020 event that will take place on September 17, in a hybrid format. CISO Day is a yearly cyber security congress, focused on the role of Chief Information Security Officers, organized by CyberSecurity News. This event is targeted to all kinds of cyber security professionals


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