Stackscale participates in the first cybersecurity documentary made in Spain

David Carrero, Stackscale co-founder, in the cybersecurity documentary "El enemigo anónimo"

Stackscale is one of the sponsors of the first cybersecurity documentary made in Spain: “El enemigo anónimo (“The anonymous enemy”, in English). Diverse experts in fields related to cybersecurity have participated in this documentary, which has been created and directed by the journalist Carlos Otto. Our co-founder and VP Sales, David Carrero Fernández-Baillo, participated in the episode about cybersecurity in critical infrastructures. 

Cybersecurity in critical infrastructures

The 6th episode focused on vulnerabilities and cyberattacks to critical infrastructures, such as the Spanish power grid. A field where it is indispensable to invest resources both now and in the future.

Something that must be considered is the fact that critical infrastructures are very digitized in order to optimize their efficiency. So, it is important to keep in mind that a cyberattack to a country’s critical infrastructure can entail catastrophic consequences. As some experts explain in the episode, a successful cyberattack to a critical infrastructure such as a power grid can back out a whole neighborhood. That is why it is essential to devote resources to protect the critical infrastructures. As David Carrero says, “it is really important that Spain and Europe make a great effort to focus on cybersecurity because, without a doubt, it is going to be the subject of the future; something that will allow us to compete with the rest of the world.”

At Stackscale, we consider security is key and we constantly work to adapt to the strictest standards. That is why, when choosing the data centers where we host our infrastructure, it is essential that they meet strict security, reliability and redundancy requirements. Moreover, we implement measures such as geo-replication by default in order to help our customers improve their disaster recovery plan easily.

El enemigo anónimo

El enemigo anónimo” is the first documentary about cybersecurity made in Spain. The documentary is divided into 20 episodes and articles. The experts that participate in the documentary are specialized in different fields: cybersecurity, hacking, cybercrime, fake news, cyberharassment, technological law, etc. The documentary offers a global perspective of the current situation in the cybersecurity industry: from cybersecurity in the private and public sector, to more complex topics such as cyberwars, cyber spying or cyberharassment.

All the episodes are available on the documentary’s YouTube channel.

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