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Web hosting control panels list

18 popular web hosting control panels

Web hosting control panels are a must-have for system administrators and web hosting providers nowadays. That is why we have created a list of the most popular web hosting control panels. Control panels make management and automation tasks easier for sysadmins. They allow, for instance, managing one or several servers from a single dashboard. So,

Types of hypervisors: bare-metal and hosted

Hypervisors: definition, types and open source and commercial solutions

Hypervisors are an essential part of the technology supporting cloud computing. There are two types of hypervisors — bare-metal and hosted, and numerous solutions in the market. In this post we are going to cover both types, including a list of well-known hypervisors — both commercial and open-source. But let’s start by defining what a

Stackscale's servers for IaaS

What is IaaS? Infrastructure as a Service

IaaS, short for Infrastructure as a Service, is a cloud computing solution that consists of provisioning and managing computing resources over the Internet; such as servers, storage, networking and virtualization. This computing model emerged in the early 2010s and, since then, it has become the standard model for numerous types of workloads. It is also

Choosing a Disaster Recovery solution

4 Key aspects when choosing a Disaster Recovery solution

Choosing a Disaster Recovery solution over another is an important decision for any company, considering the serious impact an attack or disaster has on business profits. Since more and more organizations and services are digitized, and the number of cyberattacks worldwide continue to rise, Disaster Recovery planning has become indispensable for ensuring business continuity. Therefore,

Intel Xeon Scalable processors

Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors: generations and features

Intel Xeon Scalable processors boost performance, efficiency, security and scalability. Since the beginning, the Intel® Xeon® Scalable processor family aims to provide the foundation for a powerful datacenter platform that boosts agility and scalability. They are designed for a wide variety of data center, edge and workstation workloads. 1st generation of Intel Xeon Scalable processors

Cloud repatriation

Cloud repatriation to dedicated IT solutions

Cloud repatriation is gaining popularity among CIOs and CTOs to achieve higher performance, control and cost efficiency as their projects evolve and scale. It is a valuable tool to relocate workloads when the cost-benefit ratio is not as expected. It generally involves migrating to a dedicated solution that works best for running the business workloads.

Colocation vs cloud

Colocation vs cloud servers

Both colocation and cloud servers help companies increase efficiency and optimize IT spending by outsourcing data center management. However, opting for one solution or another — or combining both of them — will significantly depend on the company’s strategy and requirements. Comparing colocation and cloud servers IT infrastructure requires a high level of resilience, redundancy

High Availability (HA)

High Availability (HA)

High Availability or HA eliminates single points of failure in IT systems to minimize the impact of a disruption in systems, databases and applications. Thus reducing the risk of damaging productivity and losing revenue. Redundancy and automatic failure detection are key features to achieve HA. High Availability & Operational performance High Availability refers to an

Security Operations Center

What is a Security Operations Center (SOC)?

In IT, a Security Operations Center (SOC) or Information Security Operations Center (ISOC) is a centralized location where an organization’s security team monitors, analyzes, detects and solves any security events that might arise. A SOC is usually established to protect sensitive data and comply with industry or government regulations. It involves a very proactive approach


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