Benefits of private cloud in 3 different sectors

Beneficios de la nube privada en 3 sectores diferentes

Let’s assess the benefits of private cloud in 3 different sectors. Many companies can benefit from private cloud features and advantages, regardless of their size and industry. In this post, we have collected 3 customer success stories that have chosen the private cloud as their infrastructure solution.

Private cloud for B2B software

Gesio® is an online management software targeted to B2B, wholesalers and distributors. Under a SaaS model, Gesio offers a suite of management applications that enables companies to control their billing, stock, POS, web, etc., using the same software.

In order to keep growing easily and cost-efficiently, in 2013 Gesio migrated from a structure based on physical machines to a one with virtual machines. This change enabled them to scale more easily to keep growing in customers. For this new infrastructure, the Stackscale team designed, together with Gesio, a Private Cloud environment adapted to their needs. To do so, the team took into consideration Gesio’s requirements in terms of performance, capacity, redundancy and fault tolerance.

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Private cloud for digital media

Diverse digital media trust our made-to-measure solutions for hosting their media platform or CMS like WordPress for ensuring smooth functioning and topnotch performance.

Ecommerce News is a media specialized in eCommerce, whose goal is “creating a very long-lasting ecosystem”. Our Private Cloud solution provides this ambitious project with the performance it requires at all times and the peace of mind of relying on a specialized technical team.

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Private cloud for collaborative platforms

Tutellus is an online education collaborative platform born in 2012 with the goal of creating a fresher, video-based and collaborative product.

The first infrastructure of Tutellus consisted of a stack based on Java that ran on a Public Cloud environment. But as the project grew, the team started to be aware of the huge expense that infrastructure involved and during 2015 they started to rethink it. They opted for migrating from a Public Cloud to a Private Cloud in order to grow without limits, with controlled costs.

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