Ubuntu: the leading linux-based operating system


Ubuntu is an open source linux-based operating system. It is developed by Canonical and a community of developers — under a meritocratic governance model.  It was launched in October 2004 and it is composed mainly of free, open source software. This Linux distribution, based on Debian’s architecture and infrastructure, is widely popular among cloud computing projects.

A new non-LTS version is released every 6 months and a LTS (long-term support) version is released every 2 years. Canonical provides security updates and support from the release date to the End of Life (EOL) date. LTS releases are supported for 5 years and non-LTS releases are supported for 9 months.

LTS releases

VersionCode nameRelease dateEnd of standard supportEnd of life
Ubuntu 6.06 LTSDapper DrakeJune 2006June 2011June 2011
Ubuntu 8.04 LTSHardy HeronApril 2008May 2013May 2013
Ubuntu 10.04 LTSLucid LynxApril 2010April 2015May 2013 (Desktop)
April 2015 (Server)
Ubuntu 12.04 LTSPrecise PangolinApril 2012April 2017April 2019
Ubuntu 14.04 LTSTrusty TahrApril 2014April 2019April 2024
Ubuntu 16.04 LTSXenial XerusApril 2016April 2021April 2026
Ubuntu 18.04 LTSBionic BeaverApril 2018April 2023April 2028
Ubuntu 20.04 LTSFocal FossaApril 2020April 2025April 2030
Ubuntu 22.04 LTSJammy JellyfishApril 2022April 2027April 2032

Non-LTS releases

VersionCode nameRelease dateEnd of life
4.10Warty WarthogOctober 2004April 2006
5.04Hoary HedgehogApril 2005October 2006
5.10Breezy BadgerOctober 2005April 2007
6.10Edgy EftOctober 2006April 2008
7.04Feisty FawnApril 2007October 2008
7.10Gutsy GibbonOctober 2007April 2009
8.10Intrepid IbexOctober 2008April 2010
9.04Jaunty JackalopeApril 2009October 2010
9.10Karmic KoalaOctober 2009April 2011
10.10Maverick MeerkatOctober 2010Abril 2012
11.04Natty NarwhalApril 2011October 2012
11.10Oneiric OcelotOctober 2011May 2013
12.10Quantal QuetzalOctober 2012May 2014
13.04Raring RingtailApril 2013January 2014
13.10Saucy SalamanderOctober 2013July 2014
14.10Utopic UnicornOctober 2014July 2015
15.04Vivid VervetApril 2015February 2016
15.10Wily WerewolfOctober 2015July 2016
16.10Yakkety YakOctober 2016July 2017
17.04Zesty ZapusApril 2017January 2018
17.10Artful AardvarkOctober 2017July 2018
18.10Cosmic CuttlefishOctober 2018July 2019
19.04Disco DingoApril 2019January 2020
19.10Eoan ErmineOctober 2019July 2020
20.10Groovy GorillaOctober 2020July 20211
21.04Hirsute HippoApril 2021January 2022
21.10Impish IndriOctober 2021July 2022

Ubuntu editions

There are four editions of the Ubuntu distribution, that can run on computers and in virtual machines:

  • Cloud: the world’s most popular cloud operating system across public clouds.
  • Core: designed for the Internet of Things (IoT) and embedded environments.
  • Desktop: one of the most popular open source desktop OS for personal computers and laptops.
  • Server: designed for scaling out workloads in public and private data centers.

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