Data centers in Valencia

Colocation services in Spain to help companies improve cost-efficiency, agility and security.

  • Bottleneck-free, ultrafast network.
  • Spanish National Security Framework High certified.
  • High redundancy, fault tolerance and low latencies.
  • Protected by European Union regulations.
Energy efficiency measures such as cold aisle/hot aisle configuration.
Strict security controls, such as 24/7 security staffing or biometric authentication.
Carrier-neutral facilities served by a large number of fiber operators and IP carriers.
At least N+1 redundancy (energy, cooling and connectivity).

Valencia has a strong and growing digital hub, with numerous technological and digital businesses within the region. Besides, one of the submarine cables connecting the Iberian Peninsula with the African continent is the Oran-Valencia (ORVAL) submarine cable, which interconnects Spain and Algeria.

Spain concentrates an ever-growing ecosystem of digital business and infrastructures to interconnect enterprises and users. The growing number of IXPs, data centers and submarine cables that interconnect the Iberian Peninsula with the rest of the world draws attention to its growth potential.

Grupo Aire Datacenter in Valencia

The datacenter of Grupo Aire located in Paterna, Valencia, leverages the group’s ultrafast network of N*400 Gbps and numerous interconnections with national and international IXPs to provide cloud, colocation, storage and networking services in the third biggest city of Spain. With about 500m2, it offers carrier neutral facilities, high availability and exhaustive security and safety measures — including access controls, diverse protection systems against fires and floods, and triphase A+B, N+1 dual UPS.


ISO 27001, ISO 27018, ENS* High certified

Grupo Aire data centers
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*ENS is the abbreviation of “Esquema Nacional de Seguridad” (National Security Framework). It is a Spanish certification that establishes security standards applicable to all the public sector in Spain, as well as to its technology providers.

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