Dell servers for Private Cloud

Discover the advantages of using Dell PowerEdge® servers for Private Cloud.

At Stackscale, we trust in Dell servers’ power and strength to deploy Private Cloud platforms, combined with highly performant and efficient network technologies and network storage.

We offer solutions on next generation Dell PowerEdge® servers, equipped with the latest Intel® Xeon™ serie E5-2600 processors with level 3 cache: up to 20MB, allowing customers to enjoy the ideal performance for managing the most demanding workloads. Perfect for unvirtualized platforms and virtualized platforms based on VMware, KVM, Docker, or any other cloud solution.

Next generation Intel® processors: Xeon® E5 v2, v3 y v4

Among the Intel processors we use, you will find the Intel E5-2620, Intel E5-2630 v4, Intel E5-2680 v3 and v4, and Intel E5-2695 v4 for 512GB RAM dedicated servers.

Up to 3 times more performant per watt

Benefit from the best performant and energy efficient computing with the Intel® Xeon® E5 v2, v3 and v4 processors.

Improved energy efficiency

Manage big workloads without worrying about energy. We take care of reducing and optimizing the consumption in order to be efficient and responsible towards the environment.

New memory features with DDR4

Thanks to the new standard memory DDR4, the Intel® Xeon® E5 processors allow much faster frequencies than the previous generation.

Improved demanding performance

The new features of these processors offer a high-performance computing output, which is ideal for corporate workloads. Furthermore, it considerably improves when using cloud computing solutions.

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