Fully redundant storage systems

Highly available, fault-tolerant and persistent storage, accessible over our multi-40G/100G network.

Storage system NetApp FAS
Underlying storage Flash and SAS 10K rpm
Expected latency 3 - 15 ms
Backups One snapshot taken every 6 hours, 16 copies kept (4 days). 1
Disaster Recovery Full replica in a different data center. Hourly updated.

1 Custom backup schedules available upon request.

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Network storage form EN

Replicated to independent storage systems, physically located in a different data center.

Fully redundant and fault-tolerant storage systems that guarantee continuous data access.

Expand and shrink space & upgrade and downgrade the storage type, whenever needed and non-disruptively.

Fully redundant network storage volumes

Discover our network storage systems, accessed over the network to provide persistent and protected storage.