Join the APD Manifesto for Innovation in Spain

Stackscale signed the APD Manifesto for Innovation in Spain

The “APD Manifesto for Innovation in Spain” establishes an agreement among all the companies, executives and organizations willing to encourage innovation, as a driving force for competitiveness in Spain, within an inclusive and sustainable environment.

With this manifesto, the nonprofit organization APD invites companies, organizations and individuals to join their goal of promoting innovation in Spain, as the only way to drive modern economies.

At Stackscale, we firmly believe innovation is essential to be competitive and move forward. That is why we have signed the APD Manifesto for Innovation in Spain presented by APD after the National Innovation Congress INNOVAPD, which took place in Madrid on September 18,2019.

Objectives of the APD Manifesto for Innovation in Spain

The ten principles defined in this manifesto for innovation are based on the following key elements: funding, education, talent and collaboration.

Some of these principles are: demanding an annual 0,2% increase on the R&D funding percentage of the national budget —until it achieves 3% of the GDP—, introducing innovation into the education system to promote its importance among the youth, and providing SMEs with tools and procedures so that they can grow, recruit talent and get funding for innovation.

The Congress’ claim was “The future of Spain and Europe in hands of Innovation”; since innovation has proved to be the way to be more competitive, create value, progress, improve and leader. Therefore, innovation is not just an internal issue and joining efforts internationally is important as well.

The most innovative countries in the world invest percentages of more than 3,5% of the GDP, far more than Spain’s current investment on R&D (0,7%).

More information on APD’s website.

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