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Medidas de eficiencia energética en centros de datos

Improving energy efficiency in data centers

Energy efficiency is essential for building sustainable solutions and ensuring long-term sustainable growth. Maximizing the benefits of technology while reducing its impact on the planet is one of the main challenges of data centers nowadays. Data centers require a vast amount of energy to keep running. Therefore, energy efficiency is a priority, not only in

eCommerce statistics and growth 2024

eCommerce statistics and growth (2024)

eCommerce has experienced continued growth during the last decade. In this article we have collected some eCommerce statistics in 2024 and over the last decade showing how its adoption has increased over the years. Global eCommerce market growth Global eCommerce sales are expected to surpass 5.8 trillion Euros (6.3 trillion USD) in 2024 and 6.3


CAPEX vs OPEX in IT projects

CAPEX or OPEX? There is no one-size-fits-all solution for all businesses. So making a well-informed decision is clearly the way to go. Cost-efficiency and agility are key for competitiveness in an always changing economy. But there are many other aspects to consider as well. CAPEX vs OPEX While large capital investments on IT can be

Pioneers of computer science

25 Pioneers of computer science

Many pioneers of computer science did not probably imagine how far computer programming would arrive. However, it is to a large extent thanks to their contributions that computer programming and automation has gone a long way over the past centuries. Here is a list of some of the pioneers of computer science from the 18th

Top 10 programming languages 2023

Most popular programming languages in 2023

Which are the most popular programming languages in 2023? There are different lists of the most commonly used programming languages: the PYPL ranking (monthly updated) and the list of Stack Overflow’s Developer Survey 2023. Top 10 programming languages in 2023 These are the most popular programming languages according to the PYPL index and Stack Overflow’s

Submarine cables in the Iberian Peninsula

Submarine cables in the Iberian Peninsula

There are numerous submarine cables in the Iberian Peninsula that connect it with all regions around the world — Africa, Asia, North America, South America, Oceania and the rest of Europe. In fact, there are almost 40 submarine cables with landing points in Portugal and Spain. The need for new undersea cables increases as international

World Wide Web anniversary

World Wide Web: free and open

On April 30th, 1993, the World Wide Web (WWW) became of public domain. CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, published a statement that made it available to everyone with an open license. The WWW was invented by Tim Berners-Lee in 1989. At that time, there were other information systems competing with the web project,

European data center hubs

European data center hubs: FLAP and emerging markets

The European data center hubs continue to grow and expand. Although the FLAP market continues to be one of the biggest data center markets in Western Europe, other markets have also been growing considerably during recent years. Since investments are particularly strong in emerging data center markets, such as Madrid and Lisbon. FLAP market The

Cloud & digital transformation

Cloud computing at the core of the digital transformation

Cloud computing adoption is an essential step in digital transformation processes, as it enables the modernization of IT infrastructures to leverage further agility, scalability and productivity, among other advantages. The growth potential of the digital economy encourages more and more businesses to shift to new, disruptive technologies and methodologies, and the Cloud is always at

Submarine cables worldmap

World submarine cables & international bandwidth

Submarine cables are part of the Internet’s “backbone”. Most of the world’s Internet traffic travels over these cables connecting continents and countries under the ocean. Therefore, they play an important role in meeting the needs of international bandwidth usage. What are submarine cables? Submarine cables or submarine communications cables are optical fiber cables that lay


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