All Internet servers together draw the world map

World map drawing

This impressive world map is made of dots that symbolize the most representative data centers with Internet servers of the world. According to the last studies, in 2017 there was more than 8.5 million data centers in the world. However, it is difficult to know the exact number due to the great variety of these centers and its continued growth.

Internet servers in the world

Even though this worldwide servers’ map isn’t on scale, it gives an idea of how servers and cloud computing platforms are distributed over the planet. North America, Europe and Japan are perfectly defined; followed by the Asian zone, Australia and Latin America. However, Africa — which is more in the rear in data center deployment —  can be guessed, but it isn’t clearly defined.

World's Internet servers map made with big data

This effect also occurs on maps with the night lights of the most populated cities, roads, maritime routes and airways. This way of drawing the outlines of the planet’s continents thanks to big data is very interesting. Here are some versions of the world’s map.

The world’s maritime routes map

Maritime routes map

The world’s airports map

World airport's map

Night lights map

Night lights' map

Moreover, it is also curious to observe the size and magnitude of the Internet through maps like the submarine cables’ map, which shows the submarine cables which carries most of the Internet’s global traffic, or the map which shows the most used mobile phones over different places in the world, based on 280 million tweets posted from mobile phones.

Submarine cables map

Submarine cables map

See the interactive map of the submarine cables connecting the Internet.

The most used mobile phones world map

The most used mobile phones world map

See the interactive map of the most used mobile phones in the world.

Thanks to Majestic we can observe the servers’ map created with data from thousands of servers, which are part of geolocalized public data. When in doubt, dots are automatically represented in the center of the countries or in their capitals.

Sources: Majestic (reddit), Microsiervos, Wikimedia,The world’s airports, DataCenterDynamics and NASA.

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