What happens on the Internet in one minute?

One minute on the Internet 2021

A lot of data and actions fit in a minute on the Internet. This huge worldwide network has become an indispensable element in the daily lives of many people around the world. We use it for learning, looking for information, finding directions, shopping and much more.

To sum up, we have gradually integrated the Internet in our professional and social lives. To the extent that it has become essential for our global society, allowing us to easily keep in touch and work with people around the world. As a result, all Internet users worldwide generate millions of interactions and content every minute.

Do you wonder what happens in 1 minute on the Internet?

Discover the huge amount of actions that were generated on the Internet every 60 seconds in 2021. We have collected data about the interactions of the most popular apps and platforms in the following infographic.

One minute on the Internet in 2021

Numbers are impressive. To name a few examples: in one minute on the Internet in 2021, users did an average of 6.1 million searches on Google, sent about 600,000 tweets and sent around 188 million emails.

1 minute on the Internet 2021

Google searches in a minute

Internet users around the world do more than 6,100,000 searches on Google in a minute; about 101,000 Google searches in a second. So, Google searches have increased by nearly 60% since 2019, when users did about 3.8 million searches in a minute.

Instagram photos posted in a minute

Instagram users around the world post almost 70,000 photos in a minute; about 1,100 photos uploaded in a second.

Tweets sent in a minute

Twitter users around the world send close to 600,000 tweets in a minute; almost 10,000 tweets in a second. So, the number of tweets sent by users has increased by more than 70% since 2019, when Twitter users sent about 350,000 tweets every minute.

Linkedin job applications submitted in a minute

About 5,700 job applications are submitted on Linkedin in a minute; about 95 job applications every second.

Facebook stories shared in a minute

1 billion stories are shared by users across Facebook platforms every day. It is to say, more than 690,000 stories in a minute and about 11,000 stories shared every second.

YouTube videos watched in a minute

YouTube users around the world watch more than 5,700,000 videos in a minute; about 95,000 views in a second.

TikTok videos watched in a minute

TikTok users around the world watch about 167 million videos in a minute; more than 2.7 million views in a second.

Tinder swipes in a minute

Tinder users around the world swipe about 2 million profiles in a minute; about 33,000 swipes in a second. So, the number of swipes has increased by more than 40% since 2019, when Tinder users swiped approximately 1.4 million profiles in a minute.

Hours watched on Twitch in a minute

Twitch users watch more than 43,000 hours in a minute; about 718 hours in a second. It is to say, more than 62 million hours are streamed every day on Twitch.

Hours streamed on Netflix in a minute

Netflix users stream about 452,000 hours in a minute; more than 7,500 hours streamed every second. Compared to data from 2019, the number of hours streamed on Netflix has decreased by more than 30%.

Emails sent in a minute

Users around the world send more than 188 million emails in a minute; about 3,140,000 emails sent in a second.

Slack messages sent in a minute

Slack users around the world send about 148,000 messages in a minute; more than 2,400 Slack messages every second.

Growth of the Internet over the last decades

Both the Internet and Social Media adoption have grown at an incredible rate. For instance, the number of Internet users has rocketed from 16 million users in 1995 to more than 5,100 millions in 2021.

The Internet in a minute in 2019

1 minute on the Internet in 2019 infographics

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