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Data protection and data sovereignty in the digital economy

Data protection and data sovereignty in the digital economy

Data protection and data sovereignty are increasingly important in the digital economy — so much that there is even a Data Privacy Day, celebrated every January 28th, since 2007. Why is it so? Because as data becomes more and more valuable for individuals, organizations and institutions, data sovereignty, protection and privacy have become key aspects

Edge computing

Edge computing & the exponential growth in data

Edge computing is a distributed computing architecture, key for those applications that need a really low latency, such as: self-driving cars, real-time image recognition or Augmented Reality (AR). This new paradigm originates in Content Distribution Networks (CDNs), created in the late 1990s to place content closer to end users as the Internet continued to grow

Tarugoconf 2022

The Tarugoconf 2022 event is coming and we’re not gonna miss it

Stackscale participates in the technological and entrepreneurial event Tarugoconf 2022. The Tarugoconf event stands out for including a lot of interesting content, inspiring experiences and networking opportunities. Besides, the conference is always full of activities and workshops to learn new things and have a good time. 7th edition of the Tarugoconf The Tarugoconf 2022 event

Top web servers 2022

Which are the most popular web servers?

Nginx and Apache are undoubtedly the two most used web servers worldwide. Each of them holds about a third of the market. According to W3Techs’ data, Nginx holds about 34.2% of the market and Apache about 31.2% — 28.9% and 22.6% respectively according to Netcraft’s data. This list includes some of the most popular web

Interview with Stackscale's cofounder, David Carrero

Interview with Stackscale’s VP Sales & cofounder on CyberNews

Stackscale’s VP Sales & cofounder, David Carrero Fernández-Baillo, had an interview with CyberNews to talk about IT, the Internet and cybersecurity. The Covid-19 pandemic has entailed many challenges and threats and the digital world has been at the core of this new reality. As everyone’s digital activity increased, both personally and professionally, so did cyberattacks.

Submarine cables worldmap

World submarine cables & international bandwidth

Submarine cables are part of the Internet’s “backbone”. Most of the world’s Internet traffic travels over these cables connecting continents and countries under the ocean. Therefore, they play an important role in meeting the needs of international bandwidth usage. What are submarine cables? Submarine cables or submarine communications cables are optical fiber cables that lay

One minute on the Internet 2021

What happens on the Internet in one minute?

A lot of data and actions fit in a minute on the Internet. This huge worldwide network has become an indispensable element in the daily lives of many people around the world. We use it for learning, looking for information, finding directions, shopping and much more. To sum up, we have gradually integrated the Internet

World map drawing representing the connections of Internet Servers worldwide

All Internet servers together draw the world map

All Internet servers together draw the world map, but global interconnection is also represented in many other maps that collect data from different activities and sectors. It is especially interesting to observe the size and magnitude of the Internet through maps like the submarine cables’ map, which shows the submarine cables which carry most of

Tarugoconf 2021 from October 21st to October 23rd

Stackscale participates in the Tarugoconf 2021

Stackscale participates one more year in the Tarugoconf, a technological and entrepreneurial event. As last year’s edition, the Tarugoconf 2021 will be an online event with a lot of interesting content, networking and inspiring experiences. Although we cannot wait for this great event to come back to normal, last year’s online experience was fantastic and

Archie legacy server at the University of Warsaw in Poland

Archie, the first Internet search engine

September 10, 2021 is the 31st anniversary of Archie, the first Internet search engine. Archie was launched on September 10, 1990, and developed by Alan Emtage, Bill Heelan and Peter Deutsch at McGill University in Montreal (Canada). This first search engine had nothing to do with the interactive interfaces we know. On the contrary, its


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