New data centers and cloud services in Amsterdam and Madrid

Stackscale's new data centers and cloud services

After launching our new server line in Q4-2020, we are happy to announce we have also expanded our infrastructure to new state-of-the-art data centers in the Netherlands and Spain. By expanding our data centers network, we have also added new products and services, and improved some of the existing services. Since Q1-2021 we have two more data centers in Madrid and one more data center in Amsterdam. In addition to our data center facilities in Equinix AM5 in Amsterdam and Interxion MAD2 in Madrid, we are now ready to welcome new projects and customers in NorthC Almere in Amsterdam and Equinix MD2 and Interxion MAD3 in Madrid.

Stackscale’s data centers network

Stackscale data centers in Amsterdam and Madrid in 2021

New and upgraded services and products

This expansion allows us to deliver new services and products, such as upgraded cloud solutions for mission-critical environments, colocation space or further business continuity solutions.

Mission-critical environments and colocation

This expansion allows us to offer additional cloud services for mission-critical environments and colocation space that our customers can easily combine with a private cloud environment for gradually moving to the cloud. All of them are powered by a cutting-edge multi-100 G core network.

Business continuity and Disaster Recovery (DR)

We have also improved our range of business continuity products and services. In addition to our previous backup and Disaster Recovery solutions, we have also launched a new product intended to make DR planning easier and more accessible for companies. Our Infrastructure for Disaster Recovery service provides a remote, independent infrastructure for restoring your backups and replicas during any disaster or emergency. Moreover, among the new features and services, we offer geo-replication at no extra cost. An interesting feature for projects requiring a strong DR and business continuity strategy, as our COO, Javier Primo, explains:

“This expansion allows us to offer synchronous geo-replication between two of our data centers at no extra cost. This is an added value for mission-critical environments and business continuity planning. Besides, together with our infrastructure for Disaster Recovery and backup solutions, it provides customers with a powerful tool for easily improving their DR plans.”

New data center facilities in Amsterdam

In addition to our data center facilities in Equinix AM5 in Amsterdam, we now offer our products and services in NorthC Almere.

Stackscale AMS2 (NorthC Almere)

Our data center Stackscale AMS2 is located in NorthC Almere facilities in the Amsterdam metropolitan region. NorthC Almere, located at the center of the European digital hub, is cloud and carrier neutral and complies with the highest security and redundancy standards.

New data center facilities in Madrid

In addition to our data center facilities in Interxion MAD2 in Madrid, we now offer our products and services in Equinix MD2 and Interxion MAD3.

Stackscale MAD3 (Equinix MD2)

Our data center Stackcale MAD3 is located in Equinix MD2 facilities in the Madrid metropolitan region. Equinix MD2 has connections to more than 50 carriers and service providers and implements strict physical security and redundancy measures.

Stackscale MAD4 (Interxion MAD3)

Our data center Stackscale MAD4 is located in Interxion MAD3 facilities in Madrid. Interxion MAD3 is specially designed to host cloud infrastructure projects and has connections to more than 70 carriers, ISPs and CDNs.

All data centers where we host our infrastructure are certified by international standards, rely on renewable energies and meet strict security and redundancy requirements. For further details about our services and data center facilities, please contact our cloud experts.

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