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AMS-IX Internet Exchange Point

AMS-IX: Amsterdam Internet Exchange Point

AMS-IX (Amsterdam Internet Exchange) is an independent, neutral and non-profit Internet Exchange Point. It is a member of the European Internet Exchange Association (Euro-IX). AMS-IX Infrastructure and interconnection AMS-IX is one of the largest hubs for Internet traffic in the world; established in the 1990s in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Nowadays, it operates multiple interconnection platforms


CAPEX vs OPEX in IT projects

CAPEX or OPEX? There is no one-size-fits-all solution for all businesses. So making a well-informed decision is clearly the way to go. Cost-efficiency and agility are key for competitiveness in an always changing economy. But there are many other aspects to consider as well. CAPEX vs OPEX While large capital investments on IT can be

AlmaLinux distro

AlmaLinux, an alternative downstream of RHEL

AlmaLinux is a free, open source Linux distribution, created by CloudLinux and supported both by CloudLinux and other sponsors. It is focused on long-term stability and governed by the community; with regular releases. It is licensed under General Public License version 2 (GPLv2) and other licenses. AlmaLinux distribution Like other distributions such as Rocky Linux,

Top web browsers 2023

Top browsers: features, comparison and stats (2023)

Which are the top browsers in 2023? Google Chrome, Safari and Microsoft Edge currently lead the ranking, but there are many other browsers among which users can choose. In this article we have collected the current top browsers, together with a comparison of their main features and tools. Besides, we go over some key statistics

Pretty Good Privacy, PGP

PGP, cryptographic privacy and authentication

PGP provides cryptographic privacy and authentication when communicating or transferring data over the Internet. How does it do so? By using public-key cryptography, symmetric-key cryptography and digital signatures. We share a lot of data in our daily lives, both professionally and personally, and privacy is a top priority. On this matter, PGP is one the

Data immutability

Data immutability: resilience against cyber threats

Data immutability keeps growing in popularity as an ally to ensure data security, regulatory compliance and data recovery. As cyber threats keep on the rise, data security and disaster recovery planning has become indispensable for business continuity; and immutable data gain relevance on this matter. What is data immutability? As defined in the Cambridge Dictionary,

Pioneers of computer science

25 Pioneers of computer science

Many pioneers of computer science did not probably imagine how far computer programming would arrive. However, it is to a large extent thanks to their contributions that computer programming and automation has gone a long way over the past centuries. Here is a list of some of the pioneers of computer science from the 18th

What is supercomputing

What is supercomputing?

Supercomputing is a type of high-performance computing that uses computers with high computational capabilities (supercomputers) to process complex calculations and large volumes of data. Supercomputers are made up of more than one CPU, interconnects, I/O systems, memory and processor cores. Performance and parallel processing Supercomputing performance is measured in floating-point operations per second: FLOPS. The

What is a man in the middle attack or MiTM attack

What is a man in the middle attack?

A man in the middle attack is a security attack during which an attacker enters a communication between two parties undetected, redirecting data to pass through a node he controls. It is a type of session hijacking. Let’s deep into what a man in the middle attack is as well as into how to prevent

Beneficios de la nube privada en 3 sectores diferentes

Benefits of private cloud in 3 different sectors

Let’s assess the benefits of private cloud in 3 different sectors. Many companies can benefit from private cloud features and advantages, regardless of their size and industry. In this post, we have collected 3 customer success stories that have chosen the private cloud as their infrastructure solution. Private cloud for B2B software Gesio® is an


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