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Choosing an OpenVPN client

Which OpenVPN clients to use and how to install them

The OpenVPN clients we recommend at Stackscale are: an easy to install OpenVPN package for Linux, the open source OpenVPN client for Windows and the open source TunnelBlick solution for Mac OS. OpenVPN is a widespread open source Virtual Private Network solution which offers numerous security possibilities. How to install OpenVPN on Linux You can

Internet: the network of networks

The Internet: evolution and growth statistics

The Internet has evolved unstoppable since its origins and has become an essential tool for many people around the world — more than 5,500 million individuals use it regularly. It has not only accelerated communications worldwide, but has also enabled new forms of social interaction. Here are some interesting statistics and facts about the evolution

OSI model (Open Systems Interconnection model)

OSI model: layers & security attacks

The OSI model, short for Open Systems Interconnection model, is a 7-layer model that describes an architecture of data communications in computer networking. The OSI reference model was developed in the late 1970s. However, due to its late invention, it was not implemented and has only remained as a reference model. The current model implemented

secure connection with VPN

What is a VPN, how does it work and what is it used for?

A VPN or Virtual Private Network provides online security, privacy and anonymity. It is an excellent tool for protecting daily digital activities, both business and personal. From something as simple as sending an email to connecting to the dashboard of your company’s cloud environment without it being accessible over the Internet. In this article, we

The evolution of the Internet from 1997 to 2021

The evolution of the Internet from 1997 to 2021

How has the Internet changed over the years? The Opte Project, by Barrett Lyon, captures the evolution of the Internet from 1997 to 2021. As the Internet is a network of networks, Barrett Lyon has leveraged the connections among all those networks to create a map of the Internet. This visual representation of the Internet

New nodes lines of Stackscale, with 2nd generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors

Up to 768 GiB RAM in our new line of compute nodes

Among the news planned for 2020, we have launched a new line of compute nodes which go up to 768 GiB RAM. This new line of compute nodes is based on the latest microarchitecture from Intel®, Cascade Lake, and powered by second generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors. CPU and memory optimized nodes Our new line


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