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Password security best practices to keep passwords safe in 2022

Security best practices to keep passwords safe in 2022

Keeping passwords safe is really important. It is indeed especially critical considering the increasing number of cyberattacks worldwide. We have passwords for many of our daily activities — social media, emails, bank accounts, etc. Therefore, using strong passwords must not be an option, as it is the simplest way to protect our devices and information.

What is a backup?

What is a backup?

All organizations should have backups of their data. Backups are a simple form of disaster recovery (DR) to be protected against contingencies like system failures, faulty updates or cyberattacks. What is a backup and what is it used for? A backup is a copy of data that is taken and stored somewhere else so that,

Tipos, protección y mitigación de ataques DDoS

DDoS attacks: types, protection and mitigation

DDoS attacks aim to take down online services by flooding them with an enormous amount of incoming traffic, originating from multiple sources. This type of cyberattack can have many negative effects on business profits, as well as damage a company’s reputation. Let’s see what a DDoS attack consists of and how to protect services and

Data protection and data sovereignty in the digital economy

Data protection and data sovereignty in the digital economy

Data protection and data sovereignty are increasingly important in the digital economy and on a strategic level. Why is it important? Data sovereignty, protection and privacy are key aspects for building trust and creating added value. Data protection and data privacy have become an essential right; due to the leading role of data in our

Grafana's OAuth Identity Token security patch

Important security patch released in Grafana 8.3.4 and 7.5.13

Grafana’s versions 8.3.4 and 7.5.13 were released on January 18th, 2022. These two new versions include some patches to fix important security issues for all installations of Grafana 7.5.x and 8.x. These versions are only vulnerable in case that the administrator has used “OAuth forwarding” for data sources and uses API keys. OAuth Identity Token

Encriptación PGP, Pretty Good Privacy

PGP, cryptographic privacy and authentication

PGP provides cryptographic privacy and authentication when communicating or transferring data over the Internet. How does it do so? By using public-key cryptography, symmetric-key cryptography and digital signatures. We share a lot of data in our daily lives, both professionally and personally, and privacy is a top priority. On this matter, PGP is one the

Zero Trust security model

What is the Zero Trust security model?

Zero Trust is an approach to the design and implementation of IT systems based on the principle of “never trusting, always verifying” every device. In this security model, inherent trust in the network is removed; no matter whether a device is within a corporate LAN or whether it has already been verified before. Every request-response

SSH Secure Shell protocol

SSH protocol: usage, versions and implementations

SSH, short for Secure Shell, is a remote administration and network protocol; originally designed to replace Telnet and other unsecured protocols such as the Berkeley Remote Shell (rsh). SSH enables secure remote system administration and file transfer over unsecured networks. In this article we will talk about the SSH protocol and its versions, SSH clients

Security Operations Center

What is a Security Operations Center (SOC)?

In IT, a Security Operations Center (SOC) or Information Security Operations Center (ISOC) is a centralized location where an organization’s security team monitors, analyzes, detects and solves any security events that might arise. A SOC is usually established to protect sensitive data and comply with industry or government regulations. It involves a very proactive approach

secure connection with VPN

What is a VPN, how does it work and what is it used for?

A VPN or Virtual Private Network provides online security, privacy and anonymity. It is an excellent tool for protecting daily digital activities, both business and personal. From something as simple as sending an email to connecting to the dashboard of your company’s cloud environment without it being accessible over the Internet. In this article, we


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