What’s a Data Center?

what's a data center or Internet datacenter

Data Center or Internet Data Center is a facility where an organization or a service provider centralizes their necessary computing resources. The term “data center” has become very common, thanks to the role it plays in many of our daily activities. Most of the data we receive and send through our mobile phones, tablets and computers ends up stored in these data centers — which many people refer to as “the Cloud”, in a more generic way.

What does a Data Center look like?

The following video from Interxion MAD2, one of the data centers where Stackscale hosts its infrastructure, shows how a data center looks like (power infrastructure, wiring, modular architecture, technical space, etc.). For the most curious readers, it is a great way of discovering more about one of our hosting infrastructures in Madrid and Amsterdam.

Private suites and technical space

Data centers have exclusive use spaces where companies keep and operate their IT infrastructures. In these spaces, servers and storage systems can be hosted in order to execute applications that process and store the companies’ data. Some companies have a cage or one or several racks, while others can have private suites to host a given number of racks. It will depend on the company’s size.

Data centers provide a technical space prepared with a raised floor under which electrical sockets are installed to connect the racks. So, everything must be carefully controlled and secured.

For instance, controlling the climate is essential to maintain the right temperature and humidity parameters that ensure the correct functioning and operative integrity of the hosted systems. For doing so, data centers have redundant power supply systems, diesel backup generators, redundant and very efficient cooling systems, fire detection and extinguishment, water leak detectors and security controls.

Virtual data centers

A physical data center can host virtual data centers, known as Private Clouds or Cloud Data Centers. The price of these Private Clouds is lower thanks to virtualization. Each virtual Data Center is completely independent; therefore, it enjoys the maximum guarantees in terms of security, availability and flexibility.

At Stackscale, we select reference Data Centers in every geographic location we implement. Today, we have infrastructure in Interxion MAD2, Interxion MAD3 and Equinix MD2 in Madrid, and in Equinix AM5 and NorthC Almere in Amsterdam. We have more data centers coming soon!

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