High-Availability and flexibility to grow without limits

The success of the Mascarillas y Más + Stackscale project is the result of working as a team to offer quality products and services, which cover the customer’s needs.

Ángel Iglesias is a family business that, after the pandemic outbreak, decided to redirect into the manufacturing of masks in order to help and, at the same time, to avoid stopping their business activity. Once the health services’ needs were met, they started to focus on businesses and citizens in order to offer masks that complied with the regulations, transparently, while remaining stylish.

The charity masks project of Boticaria García (an Spanish scientific communicator with a community of more than 400K followers on Instagram) joined the project, giving it a great boost. So, due to its great success, a change of IT infrastructure was required in order to support the eCommerce site’s growing demand and traffic spikes, without virtual queues.

A dedicated cloud environment to support traffic spikes without virtual queues

Due to its success, the eCommerce Mascarillas y Más was not able to stand the flow of customers coming to the site to buy — resulting in virtual queues of more than 10K users. So, a change of cloud environment was one of the key actions to solve that bottleneck and guarantee the project continuity.

“We were overcome by the high demand (we sold 10.000 masks in a few hours, despite the website’s downtime), but this also motivated us to reevaluate and scale the project. We needed to provide a service according to the high demand and to our customers’ needs. Here is where Laura Montells and Stackscale stepped in. Thanks to their experience in the industry and their professionalism, we were able to increase our selling capacity and ‘get back’ some customers that had given up buying.”
Boticaria García, founder of Mascarillas Boticaria

The migration to Stackscale aimed to solve three main problems: avoid service failures, remove the virtual queue system and guarantee the eCommerce could work while a high number of customers try to buy simultaneously. To do so, both the eCommerce technical team and Stackscale’s team worked closely together to design a complete private cloud and system administration solution to guarantee the eCommerce worked at all times.

Migration to a Private Cloud

For the migration process we defined a roadmap to prepare how the starting platform at Stackscale would be. To do so, we first gathered the requirements and studied the platform in detail — web server versions, MySQL/MariaDB databases, PHP versions, eCommerce software versions (WooCommerce, based on WordPress), etc.

During the migration process we deployed a private cloud 4 times more powerful in terms of computing and RAM, without additional costs, so that we could measure user concurrency in the website and database, the servers’ real workload at all times, web traffic, etc. This allowed, afterwards, to optimize the infrastructure in order to guarantee maximum performance most of the time. Moreover, the infrastructure is prepared to grow with the minimum impact, whenever necessary.

“Changing to Stackscale’s private cloud service was key to support the growing demand and, above all, to support high traffic peaks without using virtual queues. This way we didn’t lose sales and we improved customer loyalty.” —Mascarillas y Más team

High-Availability in eCommerce

With Stackscale’s private cloud, the eCommerce has an infrastructure that can grow while enjoying high-availability and proactive, 24/7 monitoring to foresee possible issues. Furthermore, teams are in constant communication with each other to be aware of potential changes, needs and campaigns that might require special attention.

“I have learned a lot from this experience but, above all, that teamwork is essential. In a digital project like this one relying on a good IT and hosting team is as important for the final result and conversion as the fact that production is on time or that the designs are beautiful.” —Boticaria García, founder of Mascarillas Boticaria

At Stackscale, we recommend all projects are prepared for high-availability. Stackscale’s internal team carries out this task, in collaboration with partners when necessary. The 100% dedicated, private cloud solution, over which we have deployed a high-availability solution of several virtual servers, allows the Mascarillas y Más eCommerce to guarantee the business works uninterrupted, as well as to scale easily whenever necessary.

Mascarillas Ángel Iglesias & Mascarillas Boticaria

Ángel Iglesias is a family business with 40 years of experience in the women’s fashion industry that, after the pandemic outbreak, redirected into the masks industry both for helping and avoiding laying off their employees and closing their factory. Nevertheless, once the health service’s needs were met and foreseeing the need of masks for the rest of the population, the project Mascarillas Ángel Iglesias kept going with the objective of creating a stylish product that complied with the regulations. In this new phase, the collaboration with the charity masks project of Boticaria García led to a great boost.

The project Mascarillas Boticaria was born in June 2020, after the regulation for cloth masks was published, aiming to leverage the demand for approved masks to build a digital, charity project to continue collaborating with the campaigns and associations Boticaria García had collaborated with in the past, in-person.

In less than a year they have raised more than €150.000 for different associations such as FESBAL (Spanish Federation of Food Banks), UNICEF, the University of Castilla-La Mancha or the Foundation for Biomedical Research of the Puerta de Hierro University Hospital.

If your project also needs to support high traffic spikes, without downtime or virtual queues, at Stackscale we can help you with a highly available hosting solution for eCommerce, 100% dedicated to your project.

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