SaaS platform in a private cloud

Working hard on providing quality solutions is key to the success of the Acumbamail + Stackscale project.

Acumbamail is an email and SMS marketing platform mainly aimed at small and medium sized companies, and independent professionals. In their mission to help SMEs and entrepreneurs to boost their businesses through powerful email and SMS campaigns, they opted for outsourcing their IT infrastructure to Stackscale.

An outsourced data center to focus on product quality

Acumbamail’s founders opted for outsourcing their technical infrastructure to a cloud service provider to leverage the numerous advantages of the cloud. It allowed them to forget about the management and maintenance of physical equipment, focusing on the delivery of high quality products to their customers.

“Our goal is to provide a quality product to our customers, without walking around a data center managing the necessary physical equipment. On this matter, Stackscale’s cloud service provides the reliability our SaaS requires, and the peace of mind of relying on an approachable support team.”

Ignacio Arriaga, Co-founder of Acumbamail

As Stackscale is in charge of the infrastructure and data center management, Acumbamail can fully focus on the development of its SaaS platform. With the peace of mind that any compute node can be replaced whenever necessary. Furthermore, the project benefits from the scalability and high availability of the cloud, while also leveraging the predictability and security of a dedicated environment.

Benefits of relying on a local cloud provider

Relying on local providers is a priority for Acumbamail. They leverage the advantages of the cloud, while also benefiting from a customized and approachable technical support service compared to hyperscale public cloud providers. The support provided by Stackscale’s sales and technical departments has been key to providing the most suitable solutions to Acumbamail’s project at all times.

“The professionalism and expertise of Stackscale’s team is essential for us. We had already worked with the founders in previous projects and we knew everything would run smoothly in their private cloud. David Carrero has advised us, along with the technical team, to always find the right solutions to meet the needs of our SaaS.” — Ignacio Arriaga, Co-founder of Acumbamail

These are some of the key features Stackscale’s private cloud provides to Acumbamail:

  • Direct access to level 2 and level 3 technical support.
  • Full knowledge of cloud costs from the start — no surprises as the environment scales up.
  • Data centers located in Spain, to manage data sovereignty and know the exact location of business data.

Stackscale guided Acumbamail from the first steps of defining the needs for the initial deployment, to the gradual upgrading of the private cloud infrastructure as the business has evolved over the years. The project benefits from Stackscale’s geographical redundancy, with presence in two of our data centers in Madrid to increase availability and resilience. A feature that also contributes to building a stronger business continuity strategy.

“Stackscale’s private cloud environment based on VMware has made it easier for us to maintain, upgrade and scale our email marketing platform. We benefit from high performance and scalability while keeping control of our infrastructure and costs.” — Ignacio Arriaga, Co-founder of Acumbamail

Moreover, in combination with redundant network storage volumes, Acumbamail also leverages data geo-replication by default in a remote datacenter within Stackscale’s network.


Acumbamail was founded in 2013 by three IT engineers as an easy to use SaaS to send newsletters. Over time, however, it started to include new features such as SMS marketing, automation and a landing page editor. The platform mainly targets the Spanish and Latin American markets, with a special focus on small and medium businesses. They aim to deliver a functional, easy-to-use solution that meets the requirements of SMEs and entrepreneurs.

Email and SMS marketing platform Acumbamail

Since its beginnings, the project has grown considerably. In 2018, Acumbamail was acquired by Growens, an Italian group whose aim is to improve how companies communicate through technological solutions. As of 2023, Acumbamail delivers its software as a service to thousands of paying customers and tens of thousands of free customers, spread throughout 45 countries.

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