A stable and reliable architecture for critical services

Approachability, support and stability are essential aspects for ensuring the success of the collaboration between Transparent Edge Services and Stackscale. Guiding every customer according to their needs so that we can grow together and be more competitive is one of the keys behind every successful project.

Transparent Edge Services offers comprehensive solutions — from hosting to cybersecurity, including content delivery and system administration — and helps organizations to align their technology strategy with their goals.

Multi-provider strategy

Transparent Edge Services has a multi-provider strategy, within which Stackscale is its most important provider in the European and in the Spanish market — which is a very important market for the company. Because of the great reliability our bare-metal infrastructure, both in Spain and the Netherlands, provides them. Transparent Edge Services manages a great amount of its traffic through Stackscale, especially the traffic from its most critical customers.

“As part of our multi-provider strategy, Stackscale supposes a great contribution to our business. The way they approached us was also right: they were capable of understanding our needs and offered good conditions, adapted to those needs. Besides, it was essential for us that their service level was aligned with ours, with our service values.”
Jorge Román Novalbos, CEO of Transparent Edge Services

Moreover, thanks to our data centers in Europe, we can support the project in its growth on a European level.

A proposal adapted to the project’s needs and values

From the beginning, at Stackscale we adapted our proposal to the real needs of the Transparent Edge Services’ project. Their service values align perfectly with ours and that makes a successful partnership.

“What we have with Stackscale is a very good service, with a quick response time in case we have any doubt or issue, and all of that is backed up by a well-sized and stable architecture.”

— Jorge Román Novalbos, CEO of Transparent Edge Services

Adapting performance and scalability to the needs of such an ambitious project is a challenge. Transparent Edge Services needed an efficient, stable architecture and, above all, a quality service at a competitive price. Therefore, the project perfectly fitted our goals to offer a specialized, approachable and high-performance service.

Transparent Edge Services

Transparent Edge Services is the result of a merger of three Spanish technological companies — a system administration consulting company, the first and only Spanish CDN and a cybersecurity consulting company, which had started operations in 2008, 2014 and 2018 respectively. Until the beginning of 2020, they had worked together in comprehensive projects, benefiting from a sustained growth.

Jump to the Edge, Transparent Edge Services

The merger of these three companies into Transparent Edge Services enables them to compete in new scenarios and develop new comprehensive solutions. To do so, together with the three lines of business of the merged companies, they have adopted the edge computing model, that brings computing closer to the place where data is generated and opens new scenarios to applications requiring very low latencies.

At Stackscale we always look forward to being surrounded with strategic partners that, like Transparent Edge Services, share our values. Our goal is finding a suitable solution for each individual project, which is always backed up by direct access to 24/7 technical support. Does your business also need a bespoke IT solution? We help you design it.

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