Scalability and specialized technical support

Part of the success of the Gesio + Stackscale project is due to the rigorousness and commitment to always offer the best service.

Gesio® is an online management software targeted to B2B, wholesalers and distributors. Under a SaaS model, Gesio offers a suite of management applications that enables companies to control their billing, stock, POS, web, etc., using the same software.

From physical machines to virtual machines

In order to keep growing easily and cost-efficiently, in 2013 Gesio migrated from a structure based on physical machines to a one with virtual machines. This change enabled them to scale more easily to keep growing in customers. For this new infrastructure, the Stackscale team designed, together with Gesio, a Private Cloud environment adapted to their needs. To do so, the team took into consideration Gesio’s requirements in terms of performance, capacity, redundancy and fault tolerance.

“After almost a decade working together, we are sure that Stackscale does not only provide us with a quality technical solution, but also with the peace of mind of having an approachable and proactive technical support team we can rely on whenever we need it, at a competitive price.”
Juanma Estévez, CEO of Gesio

The final cloud environment is formed by several computing nodes combined with network storage to achieve a predictable high performance. Moreover, Gesio benefits from the guarantees of hosting their infrastructure in a data center in Spain and having direct access to 24/7 specialized technical support.

The scalability a constantly growing SaaS needs

When changing from physical machines to IaaS, Gesio was looking for greater scalability to support their SaaS’ continued growth. The same way Gesio offers a service that is continuously improved, with more than 5 annual updates, it also requires an infrastructure committed in that aspect. Stackscale’s IaaS model provides Gesio’s SaaS service with the flexibility it needs to improve and scale without limits.

“The IaaS model and, particularly, Stackscale’s Private Cloud fully answers to the level of quality, performance and scalability we need at Gesio. The same rigorousness and continuous improvement we aim to provide with our SaaS service, we have it with Stackscale’s cloud.”

— Juanma Estévez, CEO of Gesio


Gesio is a SaaS provider providing an online management software for B2B, wholesalers and distributors; perfect for small and medium businesses. Gesio offers more than 40 online work modules that companies can use to control their billing, stock, repairs, POS, etc., using the same software. Their suit of online management applications, fully funded with Spanish capital, is the most complete and powerful in the market.

gesio online management software

Gesio originated from two ideas in 2001 with the goal of solving several management issues. On the one hand, enabling customers to actively participate in sales processes. On the other hand, guaranteeing the availability of the company’s sales and control tools over the Internet.

At Stackscale we love working with innovating and ambitious companies like Gesio. This way we can continue learning and improving every day. Since we founded Stackscale back in 2012, we have helped many businesses to design the bare-metal and cloud infrastructure they need to meet their goals. Does your business also need a custom-made IT infrastructure? We can help you find an IT solution adapted to your project’s needs.

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